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Western Region of Mostostal Warszawa to extend CH Galaxy in Szczecin

18 May 2016

The most popular shopping and entertainment centre in the Zachodniopomorskie province will soon change its appearance. Mostostal Warszawa signed a contract to perform shell construction of the CH Galaxy extension at Aleja Wyzwolenia Street in Szczecin. The contract value amounts to nearly PLN 30 million. The implementation of the work corresponds to the Western Region of Mostostal Warszawa conducted by Marzena Witkowska. The opening of the new part of the Centre is scheduled for the end of 2017.

The building of the Galaxy Shopping and Entertaintment Centre was erected in 2003 in the centre of the Szczecin. It is now the second largest shopping center in the city, and after the expansion it will become one of the largest facilities of its kind in Poland. Mostostal Warszawa signed a contract for the execution of the shell construction of the new part of the Galaxy complex with a value of PLN 28.87 mln. For the work is responsible Western Region of Mostostal Warszawa under the direction of Marzena Witkowska.

– We inaugurated the expansion of the most beleaguered shopping centre in Szczecin. As a result of the expansion Galaxy will become a huge, multi-functional object. At the moment, our task is to complete the building shell. Due to the fact that next door stands a fully functional shopping mall, we must also ensure that the construction does not undermine comfort of Centre’s custumers. Nevertheless, at a certain stage of work difficulties are inevitable. The work has already begun. It should be completed by April 2017 – said Marzena Witkowska, Director of the Western Region of Mostostal Warszawa.

As part of the planned expansion will rise four-storey building with an underground garage. In total, drivers will have 1,500 parking spaces at their disposal. The commercial part will be expanded by almost 17 000 m2. As a result, the new Galaxy will offer more than 200 shops of different industries. The existing shopping center will be also connected with a newly built facility by a two-level passage.

Under the agreement, the Western Region will provide execution documentation, perform demolition of the part of the existing building, as well as the shell construction and part of the installations along with obtaining the necessary amendment to building permit. The scope of works includes both the underfloor installation in the underground part, providing an escape route from the existing building from the delivery zone, as well as work related to electrical installations, including the removal of the infrastructure energy conflicts, the execution of the conduit in a functioning building.
The project also envisages the strengthening of the soil by using CMC columns. The underground part will be implemented in the excavation. From the south, and partly also from the west, it is necessary to protect excavation by Berliner walls. The building will be embedded on the thicker foundation, in which will be placed pillars. This will be the monolithic, reinforced concrete construction.

Investor planned that the Galaxy Centre after expansion will hold a role of a meeting place for inhabitants of Szczecin and local community. It will contain spatial fitness club, as well as a place for brand shops, which until have not operated in the region so far. The building of the Centre will have an inner courtyard covered with a glass roof and will accommodate a stage. Thanks to the expansion, there will be created approx. 500 jobs.

Investor: Echo Investment SA

General contractor: Mostostal Warszawa SA

Designer: Open Architects Sp. o.o.

Completion date: April 2017

Contract value: PLN 28 875 000