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We Will Build A Drawbridge

20 April 2011

The Gdańsk Municipality has entrusted us today with the construction of a drawbridge over the sluice in Przegalina.

The first work on the construction over the Martwa Wisła River started on 26 April 2011. 

Our tasks encompassed two parts: 
- construction of a bascule bridge over the southern lock along with access roads, rebuilding of tele-technical devices, electric energy devices, sanitary devices and renovation of the control room building;
- management of the area above the northern lock along with the disassembly of bridge. 
The facility that was constructed over the southern lock – in place of the temporary bridge – has a length of 50 m and its carrying capacity corresponds to class C in class A standard.

Without doubt, this is one of the contracts with the most beautiful location.

Przegalina is a former agricultural and fishing settlement in Gdańsk located in the south-eastern edge of the Sobieszewska Island district. The location has a status of an “ecological island”, where it is possible to see over 300 species of migrating birds and various plant species such as epipactis orchids or sea holly. 
Here is also a small river port and the Przegalina lock, enabling inland sailing between the Martwa Wisła River and the Przekop Wisły River where we conducted our work.

The facility consists of two locks: the operational “southern” lock and the unused “northern” lock entered in the register of hydro-technical monuments in 1997. The second lock has a bridge connecting Sobieszewska Island with Żuławy Gdańskie and constituting the route of Gdańska Kolej Dojazdowa (Gdansk Commuter Rail), which we disassembled.  

The Infrastructure Division of the Northern Region was responsible for the construction project.

  • Investor: Gdańsk Municipality
  • Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa
  • Contract value: PLN 14 million
  • Period of implementation: 2011 - 2013