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We participated in exercises of the Fire Department

10 July 2023

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, at the construction site of the S19 Rzeszów Południe-Babica expressway, the Fire Department held an exercise demonstrating how to use the CL-240 firefighting and cutting device.

The device, using high-pressure water mixed with ceramic powder, allows it to cut and break through sheet metal, reinforced concrete and other building materials, among others. It is on the equipment of KSRG Rzeszow-Zalesie and, together with the fire truck, is a gift from the Rzeszow residents.

The exercises included:

  • Simulation of a hybrid car battery fire and its extinguishing by neutralizing individual battery cells

During the simulated fire, the battery battery heated up to about 400°C, while after 10 minutes of extinguishing action, the battery temperature dropped to 35-40°C. Each battery cell was cut and extinguished one by one. Approximately 100 liters of water were used during the firefighting operation.  Temperature measurements conducted for an hour showed no increase in temperature .

Conclusions: Thanks to the use of specialized firefighting equipment, the action was carried out quickly and effectively, without posing a threat to persons or property. The simulation was deliberately carried out at a distance of a few meters from residential buildings, a portable toilet or bio-waste to highlight the effectiveness of the tested equipment. No neighboring facilities were damaged or destroyed during the exercise.

  • Extinguishing a simulated garage fire without outside access

Using a fire extinguishing and cutting device, a 4-5mm diameter hole was made in the garage door and the fire in the garage was extinguished. Holes were also made in a masonry wall and a reinforced concrete slab for training purposes. Given the construction and future operation of the 2225m-long tunnel for each direction of travel, it is extremely important to ensure fire safety especially inside the facility. At the same time, the spread of hybrid and electric vehicles is creating new safety risks.

It is clear from Saturday's exercises that proper, specialized equipment adapted to the new hazards is the basis for effective and safe extinguishing of powered vehicle fires.