Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.

We minimise the environmental impact of our operations

25 August 2023

We are growing in a sustainable way. We continually take conscious and effective action to reduce our environmental impact. We are proud of the progress we have made. Despite the measures introduced so far, we continue to set ourselves further ambitious goals for the near and somewhat distant future.

Over the last few months we have successfully introduced a number of measures to reduce our environmental impact. They constitute an important aspect of our strategy on the road in Poland's energy transformation. -  says Jacek Szymanek, Member of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa. - We are implementing the measures in accordance with the strategy adopted by our partner and main shareholder, Acciona, which has decided to support us in the implementation of some of these tasks. 
At this point we are proud of the fact that: 

  • all the vehicles and machines we use meet strict emission standards; 
  • we are replacing internal combustion engine vehicles with electric ones, taking advantage of subsidies offered by, among others, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management; 
  • we use a photovoltaic farm that we built next to our Equipment and Transport Base in Urzut near Warsaw; 
  • we have introduced a new feature on the intranet which limits the use of combustion vehicles on the roads; 
  • we have reduced the use of courier companies to the minimum necessary, which minimises duplicated traffic and carbon dioxide emissions into the environment; 
  • we separate waste and use returnable bottles; 
  • we reduce energy, water and paper consumption; 
  • we go digital, enabling us to achieve sustainable development.

We encourage you to watch a short film as a summary of our activities to date:



We would like to thank all the people who featured in the film. They were: Jakub Paciorkowski, Communications Specialist, Jakub Walendzik, BIM Engineer, Justyna Bogdanowicz, Recruitment and HR Development Team Coordinator / Senior HR Business Partner, Anna Młynarz, Senior HR Business Partner, Nazarii Dziubanovskyi, Marketing Specialist. Marketing, Witold Olczak, BIM Engineer, Bartosz Rodak, Chief BIM Specialist, Justyna Kalata, BIM Construction Engineer, Izabela Skorupa, BIM Engineer and Anna Próchniewicz, Chief BIM Specialist.