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Safety Week 2016 in a nutshell

05 May 2016

In the shadows of cranes, steel structures, concrete walls, at scaffolds, using excavators, during assembly of installation elements – in all places where construction works are performed  the most important thing is to ensure safety. This year we put an emphasis on planning and responding. During Safety Week we reminded this idea inspired by the motto: Turn on thinking. Plan and respond. This year’ edition has just been finished, but Mostostal Warszawa will not stop to nurture the culture of occupational health and safety. Let’s take a look at some activities which took place last week at sites. 

– During Safety Week we could take into consideration one more time a topic which is still actual, and will never loose importance. It is a good moment to think through our behaviour, make an assesment of our own lacks and under-capacities. I’m glad that at our sites so many people was engaged in the action. Looking at effort our employees and additional tasks taken by them in order to enhance work’s safety is a proof for me that Mostostal Warszawa has taken a proper path – said President of Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa Andrzej Goławski.  

At every construction site tokk place talks, BHP quarters, surveys/tests. In terms of safety speaking is never too much, and an exchange of knowledge and experience constitutes an added value here. Construction sites were visited by Andrzej Goławski, President of Management Board and José Ángel Andrés López, Member of the Board for Business Development. Theoretical considerations supplemented by active training, presentations and demonstrations, which included a variety of topics. In the course of these activities especially employees with the shortest length of service at sites could enrich their knowledge about eg. how to use correctly construction equipment, how to use personal protective equipment and protective fire fighting. Tool reviews were also very popular.

A great deal of attention was devoted to the works at hights which are the most dangerous and often are a cause of accidents. Interesting attractions where also available, that is, shows of high altitude rescue operation and works at scaffolds. What is more, slipping and stumbling issues were reviewed closely. Employees gladly participated in projections of instructional movies about safety work with use of cranes, lifting trucks.

During Safety Week we didn’t forget about preparing ourselves to respond in case someone’s live or health would be indangered. First aid trainings helped us to remember and refresh our knowledge about resuscitation, wounds and fractures in connection with accidents at sites and to do a manual chest compression or to move a patient into a stabilised position.  

– The organised trainings are crucial to remember the basic safety rules and to practice quick, adequate responses. In crisis situation, when emotions are high, we often forget about what is relevant. We’re strived for prevention but we have to be prepared to respond properly in case of emergencies – said Mariusz Piątkowski, Head of OHS Department at Mostostal Warszawa.

In addition, referring to the need of undergo regular eye examination, in the Company’s office at Konstruktorska Street was opened ophtalmology cabinet. Volunteers could make a professional eye examination and consult a specialist.

An interesting proposition for employees consisted in the tasting part. With a view to strenghten our body to work and mind to think our emplyees were invited for a healthy meal. They could taste snacks, specially prepared by a dietetian and learn more about healthy eating.

Safety Week 2016 were also commemorated also by drawings made by children. Our employees’ progenies painted safe construction sites. We present you some of children’s competition works and photos of the local celebrations.      

Take a look at pictures taken during this year’ Safety Week!