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TIBUCON works in offices!

14 February 2014

The Research [&] Development Department of Mostostal Warszawa has finished working on yet another European project. A prototype sensor that can be successfully applied in office buildings.

As part of a consortium of international companies (E[&]L Architects, GiroaSociedad Anonima, FundaciónTekniker) and scientific institutions (University of Southampton, KatholiekeHogenschoolKempen), Mostostal Warszawa has developed a room heating and cooling solution that is much more effective than ever before.

We've created a system under the name TIBUCON – a network of self-powered, cordless sensors that allows office building HVAC systems to be controlled,” says Piotr Dymarski, Project Coordinator at Mostostal Warszawa.
The sensor doesn't need batteries or power cabling. It derives power from the environment and is easy to install in rooms,” he adds.

TIBUCON is an innovative solution. The application of TIBUMAC power-saving cordless communication technology to control HVAC systems with the use of sensors limits the costly use of cabling infrastructure. Specifically designed algorithms allow HVAC systems to be managed at an optimum level. In addition, the application of self-powered systems eliminates the use of batteries that would ultimately require disposal.

“All these factors provide an option for HVAC power consumption and comfort structure to be more efficient than ever before,” confirms Juliusz Żach, Mostostal Warszawa R[&]D Department Manager

The EU-funded project was launched in October 2010. The presentation of the results in the buildings of San Sebastian and Warsaw brought the work to an end.

In the Spanish building, we installed sensors to monitor the conditions outside the apartments. Our job was to show to the building's owner the system improvements aimed at increasing the comfort of the occupants. The building manager accepted the system changes. The sensors were used as tools for collecting temperature data across various apartments. On the basis of the data, we were able to analyse, draw conclusions and make recommendations. It helped us increase the heat comfort by 25%. In the Polish office building, the sensors used for the real-time control of HVAC systems proved helpful not only in improving the comfort but also in cutting down energy consumption by 15%,” says Piotr Dymarski about the test results.

For more information on the sensor operation method and the innovative power-saving TIBUMAC communication protocol, visit There, you can get in touch with consortium partners through a special form and download documents of your interest.

٭Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning means the sanitary engineering sector involved in: heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


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