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The complicated construction phase at the PERN base in Rejowiec was successfully completed!

11 December 2020

We have completed the complicated process of installing roofs on the tanks that we are building at the PERN fuel base in Rejowiec


Mounting the tank roof is one of the biggest challenges during construction. This is a very difficult and precise operation that can be prevented by even a minimal change in the weather. The roof structure, in this case 43 m in diameter and weighing 170 tons, is prepared in the yard next to the tank and then assembled on the tank. For this task, an LG1750 wheeled crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 750 tons was used, which lifted the roof to a height of about 30 m and transferred it to the tank. The total weight of the crane with the load was 950 tons. The operation was repeated a few days later for the second tank.

- The Consortium of Mostostal Warszawa and Mostostal Płock, thanks to the staff of engineers experienced in energy and industrial construction, performs the most technologically advanced and precise tasks. An example is the operation carried out in Rejowiec - says Janusz Lisowski, Project Director at Mostostal Warszawa.

The construction is carried out as part of a task that Mostostal Warszawa will implement in a consortium with Mostostal Płock. The task includes the construction of a storage tank with a capacity of 10,000 m3. m3 at the Fuel Depot in Boronów and two storage tanks with a capacity of 32 thousand. m3 at the Fuel Depot in Rejowiec.

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