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TBM: cutting disc assembly successfully completed

20 June 2023

A TBM machine is being installed at the construction site of the S19 expressway between Rzeszow and Babica.  It will begin digging the first tunnel in Subcarpathia this year. Karpatka - such a name for the boring machine was chosen by internet users in a vote - is already 65 percent assembled.

When assembling TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) components, two crawler cranes with capacities of 650 and 300 tons are used to move the components. Now both have been used to install a cutting disc weighing 400 tons.


This is an important moment for us. It is also one of the milestones we are undertaking to successfully complete this impressive Contract. Confirmation of the enormous scale of the task at hand can be found in the basic data on the machine itself: diameter - 15.16 meters, total weight - 4,367 tons, and 47 1 drilling planing tools installed. The TBM will drill at a depth of more than 100 meters, and its maximum pressure is 31,700 tons. - says Antonio de Barba, Tunnel Construction Manager - Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona have the best engineers and all the necessary resources to successfully complete the construction of the S19 Rzeszow South-Babica expressway.

The next step in assembling the Karpatka will be the installation of cranes and electrical і hydraulic systems.

The drilling speed of the TBM will be a maximum of 65 mm/minute. It will take 11.5 days to drill and secure with prefabricated elements 100 meters of the tunnel. and it will take about four months to complete a kilometer.  The machine will consume an average of 87 MWh of electricity per day.


The 2255-meter-long tunnel will creep down two aisles, which will be connected by 15 crosswalks and an additional emergency passage. Each aisle will have two lanes each and an additional emergency lane. It will be executed using the method of mechanical derricking. The TBM will be cutting the underground structure, while at the same time laying its casing of rings (tubing). Which consist of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. Tubing production is carried out in a prefabrication hall directly on the site. It is equipped with a production line, four overhead cranes and a concrete batching plant. Tubing is a kind of cylindrical tunnel casing made of reinforced concrete. Connected, they form a ring.

Tunnelling is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of this year, and will be completed in Il half of 2025 г.

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Photo by MW