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Safety Week at the construction sites of major contractors

05 May 2014

On May 5, 2014, Safety Week will launch at construction sites of the companies forming the Association for Safety in the Construction Industry. Activities related to OHS culture programming will be initiated across hundreds of Polish construction sites.

This is the first joint initiative carried out by association signatories simultaneously on such a large scale. It provides a unique opportunity both for the employees of association members and subcontracting companies in Poland. The idea behind the safety campaign is reflected in the motto: Everything starts from me – Safe I, Safe We. Honorary patronage of the event was provided by the National Labour Inspectorate.

The signatories of the Association for Safety in the Construction Industry made detailed preparations for the Safety Week. A few months prior to the week, an information and poster campaign was run among employees. A Book of Ideas was also created, i.e. a set of activities to be carried out in Safety Week. Each company chose ideas that it will complete during the week at their construction sites.

During Safety Week, the construction sites of Mostostal Warszawa will host numerous training session, lectures, and presentations. The training sessions for employees will include two important OHS issues, work at heights and below 0 level, as well as rescue techniques. Training sessions at numerous construction sites will be run by the National Fire Service on fire extinguishing methods. During the training, employees will learn about new personal safety solutions. The lecture topics planned for Safety Week include: correct performance of ground and road works, sanitary, power and telecommunication systems and finishing works while complying with OHS regulations. An external company – Budopol – will provide a lecture on the principles of safe transport of materials using tower cranes. Under the 15 Minutes for OHS initiative, talks on how to behave in emergency situations, how to provide first aid and how to prevent such situations will be held at construction sites. Employees will also be trained in providing pre-medical aid with this being confirmed by a certificate.
Safety Week is a time when the association signatories double their efforts to achieve the ‘zero accidents’ objective. The involvement of such a large group gives hope that the safety culture will change in member companies and subcontractors.

The effects of the association's activities are already visible. All members of the association, i.e. the eight companies – BilfingerInfrastructure, Budimex, Hochtief Polska, Mostostal Warszawa, Mota-Engil Central Europe, Polimex-Mostostal, Skanska,
and Warbud, impose the same OHS requirements on subcontractors. The method for assessing a construction site risk is also the same for everyone, meaning that the risk is assessed against the task and it relates each time to the preparation of safe working instructions. Also, the same employee and subcontractor training guidelines apply to everyone. A protective glasses implementation process is under way. Starting from the second half of the year, they will become standard equipment for everyone entering a construction site. All companies must also comply with the same contractor and subcontractor training guidelines. Safety Week is yet another initiative by the association signatories aimed at improving safety. According to statistics, 120 people a year die on Polish construction sites. It's time to change that.