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R&D department presents innovative solutions in Sweden

06 February 2008

In Sweden, the employees of Mostostal Warszawa R[&]D Department presented technological solutions they had created as part of the Manubild project. This was possible through a cooperative effort with the joint participation of NCC Construction Sverige AB, a Swedish company belonging to a consortium in charge of the project. Mostostal was present in Scandinavia from January 28 to February 1.

While working on the ‘Smart Components, Connections, and Interfaces’ package, the R[&]D Department offered the creation of partition walls made of composites previously applied mainly in the aviation and automotive sectors. As regards the construction sector, glass fibers with epoxy resin are applied, e.g. to protect the construction of structures. Mostostal came up with an idea to make composite partition walls that are not only light and easy to assemble, but also durable. When the company joined the Manubuild project in 2006, R[&]D staff started to work on innovative solutions that can be applied in the residential construction sector. Following a series of tests and analyses, a prototype composite partition wall was made which, owing to their ideal properties, can replace traditional solutions.

While in Sweden, Mostostal had a chance to present the results of previous achievements. The company has installed composite partition walls in a building made by NCC Construction Sverige AB entirely of prefabricated components for the purposes of the project. During the work, various options for installing the walls and the functions they may deliver were also tested. Next, NCC will draw up a report in which it will include elements that may need improvement from the company's perspective as a potential customer. The solution proposed by Mostostal will also be presented to other consortium partners to address the best methods for applying partition walls in the contemporary residential construction industry. The solution is about integrating the walls with other technologies to be applied as part of the project.

For example, IVF (Industriforskning och Utveckling AB), a Swedish scientific unit in charge of prefabrication techniques under the Manubuild project, will attempt to develop logistic solutions used on construction sites for partition walls. In Sweden, there are very stringent regulations for construction workers to move heavy objects. Suitable devices are therefore required to provide safe transport.

The innovative wall improvement work will last until the end of the project, i.e. March of 2009. In March of this year, a conference will be held in Manchester at which R[&]D staff will present the partition wall assembly process completed in cooperation with NCC in Sweden.