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Prefabricated footbridges of the R&D Department already present on the Polish market

14 July 2022

In Toruń, the installation of innovative pedestrian and bicycle footbridges, with FRP composite reinforcement, has been completed.

Manufactured on behalf of the Municipal Roads Authority in Toruń, the footbridges are located over Struga Toruńska. Mostostal Warszawa's realisation made it possible to verify both technological and functional assumptions for the prefabricated span product.

The first prefabricated product was delivered to Wierzbowa Street - it is a span with an overall length of 6 metres, a width of 3.5 metres and an unladen weight of 12.6 tonnes. The second, along Palmowa Street, is one metre narrower and weighs 8.9 tonnes. The spans were delivered to the construction site as ready-to-build elements, i.e. they had the pavement laid, concrete protection and balustrade fixings made. Thanks to the use of prefabricated span technology, the construction period was shortened by one month, with assembly work taking one hour. This is a direct benefit for the Investor, having a positive impact on his image among the residents. The shorter construction time is also an obvious benefit for the contractor.

Details of the project can be seen in the video:


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Photo: MW.