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Polish Air Navigation Services Agency building completed

19 September 2015

On Friday, September 18, 2015, a topping out ceremony was held at the new office of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in Warsaw.

A new training and administrative building is currently being built at Okęcie airport.
The property, in addition to classrooms, examination rooms, archives, server rooms and an underground garage, will also house a TWR 360 air traffic control tower simulator with omnidirectional observation and radar, a radio communication system on platforms in the highest places on the roof and an extensive security system. 

"It gives us a real pleasure to be able to work on this project, especially considering how important it is now to maintain a high level of aviation safety, and ensure the required airspace capacity,” said Jose Angel Andres Lopez, Vice-President for Production at Mostostal Warszawa. “According to the assurances of Construction Manager, all the work going according to schedule. So it should be when the parties with such a history sign a contract. This year, Mostostal Warszawa celebrates its 70th birthday and our junior partner is celebrating 56 years.”

I thank the contractors and all employees of PANSA involved in the implementation of this investment. It is not often that such a project progresses so smoothly, according to schedule and without problems. I look forward to the moment when the site is commissioned,”said Magdalena Jaworska, President of PANSA.

Providing modern conditions of air traffic controller training is the main purpose of the construction of the facility. The building will include: the Aviation Training Centre equipped with two modern air traffic control simulators, as well as professional classrooms to conduct training for candidates for air traffic controllers and training for staff who already have a KRL license. Technical radio communication equipment and rooms and equipment for meteorological services will also be accommodated in the building. The new facility will have energy-saving features and the building will be connected to Air Traffic Control Centre.

"Today we completed the shell of the building and started work related to water and sewage systems, ventilation and air-conditioning. We are also carrying out masonry and insulation work, plastering in the garage and in recent days we have started the installation of the post and beam facade,” adds Robert Tomaszewski Site Manager at Mostostal Warszawa. "In some stages we are slightly ahead of schedule, so we will certainly be ready on time." 

The contract is being implemented by the Central Branch of Mostostal Warszawa under the management of Arthur Soczewica composed of: Robert Nowak - Contract Manager, Robert Tomaszewski - Construction Manager,  Dariusz Kałędek - Works Manager, Dariusz Zduńczyk - Works Manager, Andrzej Dahlman - Sanitary Systems Works Manager, Grzegorz Gacioch - Electrical Systems Works Manager, Justyna Mirkowska - Finance Specialist, Karol Krzciuk - Production Engineer.

Investor:Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

General contractor:Mostostal Warszawa S.A.

Contract value:PLN 57,623,837.72 gross

Time limit for completion:18 months from the handover to the contractor of the construction site.  Expected completion of the building in August 2016.

Total area:14.734 m²

Usable area: 11.376 m²

Built area3.509 m²

Cubic capacity:61.441 m²

Number of floors:

  •      Above ground - 4
  •      Underground - 1