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New completion date for construction of EcoGenerator in Szczecin

05 January 2016

The completion date of waste incineration plant in Szczecin has been postponed until 10 December 2016. In December a proper annex to the agreement signed: Andrzej Goławski, President of the Board Mostostal Warszawa, Miguel Angel Heras Llorente, Vicepresident and Tomasz Lachowicz, President of the Board Waste Neutralisation Plant.

According to the agreement signed 18th July 2012 between Waste Neutralisation Plant and Mostostal Warszawa the waste incineration construction should start on 20th December 2015. In the course of implementating the project Mostostal Warszawa encountered obstacles which couldn’t been forseen and weren't dependent on Contractor.    

These are, among others.:

  • formal and legal problems related with construction of electrial connection to the waste incineration plant;
  • flooding of the excavation for waste bunker (April 2014);
  • necessity to redesign wastewater treatment plant;
  • necessity to redesign process water pumping station (due to lowering the water level of Duńczyca River)  

„Taking all that into consideration, we have decided with investor that terminal completion date will be postoponed until 10th December 2016. At the same moment we have excluded from contracted works electrical connections along with transmission line and transformer station. ZUO will realize those tasks on its own. I would like to thank to all people involved in the construction of Ecogenerator in Szczecin and the whole team which had been working on annex we have signed recently” – said Andrzej Goławski, President of the Board Mostostal Warszawa.

Both sides committed to make every possible effort to perform the contract in accordance to the agreement, especially to intensificate the works, maximising the performance potential and to indroduce two-shift operation at the construction site. The extension of the delivery limit until 10th December 2016 will not affect amount of UE financial subsidies which ZUO had received for construction of waste incineration plant. The Ministry of Enviroment, that is so called Intermediate Body, agreed for the extension of the investment realization until the end of 2016.