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Mostostal Warszawa awarded with a White CSR Leaf of "Polityka"

23 May 2018

Mostostal Warszawa was awarded by the editors of "Polityka" by White CSR Leaf. The announcement of the awarded companies took place on May 21 this year.

"Polityka" together with Deloitte and the Forum of Responsible Business (Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu) has conducted a survey among companies operating on the Polish market dealing with issues related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. On its basis, organizations were selected that attach particular importance to improving employee management, improving relations with clients and business partners as well as care for the environment.

White CSR Policy Leaf receives companies that declare the implementation of all the most important management categories recommended by the ISO 26000 standard (eg. work practices, including a formalized system of employee appraisals, environmental impact management system, social involvement and local community development) and constantly improve their actions in this area for effective management of the company's influence on the environment.

115 companies applied for this year's edition of the competition. This is a new record, taking into account that in 2017 it was 111 and in 2016 - 104.

- It's a special day for companies that want and can act responsibly - said Jerzy Baczyński, editor-in-chief of "Polityka" during the event.

CSR in the strategy of Mostostal Warszawa

Corporate social responsibility is a part of the business strategy and the philosophy of Mostostal Warszawa. All investments are carried out with respect for the principles of sustainable construction. The company is constantly looking for new solutions and using the latest technologies, it tries to minimize the impact on the natural environment. Mostostal actively works to protect the natural environment, improve work safety and innovative research activities.

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