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Mostostal Warszawa will carry out the next IV stage of Espresso Housing Estate construction in Wola

14 March 2016

Espresso Housing Estate will rise in Wola district in Warsaw at Jana Kazimierza Street. Mostostal Warszawa is a general contractor of the third stage of Espresso estate construction which is entering a final phase at the moment. Nevertheless, our cooperation with the investor – Ronson Espresso Sp. z o.o. does not end. Central Region of Mostostal Warszawa signed a new contract for the comprehensive works on the new building of the Espresso Housing Estate along with obtaining permit of use. We will be facing soon fourth and the last one stage of construction.

Central Region under direction of Artur Soczewica signed a new contract with Ronson Espresso Sp. z o.o. worth PLN 32 400 000 net. Within 22 months Mostostal Warszawa will erect a new block of flats in the Espresso Housing Estate which total area is 21 148,7 m2 and usable flats area is 7 226,52 m2. It will be a cascade building which will have from 4 to 9 floors. It will hold 5 staircases, 135 flats, 11 service premises and two-level underground parking for 168 cars. The underground car park will take up  98% of the property and that requires a well-organised work system in the construction site.

Mostostal Warszawa have had an opportunity to develop housing projects for Ronson Development. So far, our company have done I and II stage of Verdis Housing Estate at Człuchowskiego and Sowińskiego Street in Warsaw for that investor. Nowadays, works in the Kamienica Jeżyce Housing Estate in Poznań and Espresso Housing Estate in Warsaw are in progress.   


Thanks to the cooperation in earlier project we know very well expectations of the investor. Currently we are developing III stage of Espresso Housing Estate in Wola. We are glad also being awarded the completion of this project. We have quite a challenge before us. The residential building which will rise, will be located in so called Rynna Żoliborska. That is, area of the remains of the former lake in Żoliborz. Therefore, there is a high concentration of dust, peat and gytia in the ground. We have to be prepared for highly volatile soil conditions. But we are in position to complete the task. We have a proper knowlegde and experience. Undoubtely, our strong suit is energic and well-integrated team of engineers which works perfectly even under extreme conditions – said Artur Soczewica, Director of the Central Region of Mostostal Warszawa.

Similarly to the earlier projects for this developer Andrzej Kubiak was assigned as contract manager and Grzegorz Szymborski as construction manager.

Usable flats area: 7 226,52 m2
Total area: 21 148,7 m
Number of flats: 135 
Number of service premises: 11 
Number of parking places: 168

Investor: Ronson Espresso Sp. z oo.
General Contractor:  Mostostal Warszawa SA.
Contract value: 32 400 000 zł netto. 
Term of implementation:  22 months along with obtainment of the occupancy permit