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Mostostal Warszawa utilizes digitization to improve safety on construction sites

05 March 2024

The high level of advancement of Mostostal Warszawa in the implementation of digital technologies in occupational health and safety (OSH) has been noted in this year's Colliers report titled "Technology and ESG on the construction site".

- Technology is the present and the future. We are aware of this and treat it as an important element of company development. Our constructions are equipped with modern solutions such as the Dalux platform and BIM models, which allow for better planning and management of the construction process, as well as making work on construction sites even safer - said Piotr Dymarski, Head of Digital Transformation Department at Mostostal Warszawa.

Safety with the support of digital solutions

A broad digital transformation is taking place across all units of Mostostal Warszawa. Occupational health and safety (OSH) services utilize digitization on a daily basis. - We use the Dalux platform on a daily basis, which contributes to improving communication, faster reporting of events and best practices, and the ability to immediately propose solutions. At any time, we have access to observations from every construction site in the company, which contributes to increased safety - said Marcin Krysiewicz, Director of the Integrated Management Systems, OSH and Environment Office.

Bartosz Rodak, Chief BIM Specialist, emphasizes that Mostostal Warszawa positive approach to new technologies is not coincidental. "Innovation" is one of the company's values that Mostostal Warszawa adheres to in its development. - Innovation, safety, and teamwork are the values ​​we follow at Mostostal Warsaw. It is worth noting that the implementation of the digital platform is also carried out based on other processes taking place on construction sites - managing the quality of works, managing project documentation, approving material sheets. We invite all project participants to cooperate - he concluded.

The Colliers report featuring the Mostostal Warszawa case study is available for download here

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