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Mostostal Warszawa to revitalize complex of historic buildings in downtown of Łódź

03 January 2018

Central Branch of Mostostal Warszawa landed a contract for revitalisation of the property located at Tuwima Street 46 in Łódź. The investment includes reconstruction, upward and outward extension and change of use of historic buildings. The gross contract value amounts to nearly PLN 29 million.

Mostostal Warszawa is consequently extending its range of activity in the Łódzkie Voivodeship. The company is general contractor of the Crosspoint office complex in Widzew district in Łódź and municipial library in Piotrków Trybunalski. The company’s portfolio will be soon enriched by the newly sign contract worth PLN 28.8 million gross which encompasses renovation of the historic buildings at Tuwima 46. The contract was signed in the Public Procurement Office by Darek Jarek, Director of General Construction Area, and Artur Soczewica, Director of Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa. The local authorities were represented by Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, Director of Public Investment Management.

Site area is located near the Łodz Fabryczna Train Station, Park Moniuszki and EC1 Łódź – City of Culture. The project is co-financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund within Regional Operational Programme for Lodzkie Voivodeship for the Years 2014-2020. The renovation will help to rediscover architectonical value of the city.

‘We are going to perform a revitalization of the complex of buildings in the “design and build” formula. The Central Division has conducted two revitalization investments in Warsaw within last years, which are crucial to revive the cultural life and public space of the Warsaw’s Praga district; these are the prosperous Center of Creativity Targowa, for which we have recently been appreciated by the Marshal of Mazowieckie Voivodeship, and the adjacent Museum of Warsaw Praga.The construction of these two buildings was conducted under the strict supervision of the preservationist due to their historical character. The frontage building at Tuwima Street in Lodz was included in the Local Register of Historic Monuments, which imposes certain duties on us in the area of general contracting’, highlighted Darek Jarek, Director of General Construction Area, Mostostal Warszawa.

‘Apart from the revitalization, the task includes also development of the area, technical infrastructure and the route out of the city. The existing building, which comprises of frontage building with annex situated along the eastern border of the plot, will be redeveloped and overbuilt. The existing ground-floor building at the northern border as well as smaller utility buildings at the western border are going to be demolished. In its place will be constructed office and service building adapted to the office purposes. Premises on the ground floor from the frontage are going to maintain their service character. Additionally, there will be a public library in the internalcourtyard, which will form part of the developed northern annex. Thereby, the courtyard will have a new cultural function’, added Artur Soczewica, Director of Central Branch, responsible for the implementation of this investment on the behalf of Mostostal Warszawa.

The revitalization of the tenement houses at Tuwima Street is a part of the Area Revitalization of the Center of Łódź, which comprises of eight projects. The investment is situated in the neighbourhood of the center of big-city zone. This is one of the most neglected parts of the city and it is crucial for its functioning and identity of its residents. What is more, the areas of Śródmiescie are characterized by the oldest and the best urban public structure. The majority of imposing residential and fabric buildings are located in that part of the city. It is also an area of densly built-up historic buildings from the turn of the XIX and XX that require revitalisation.

Subject of the contract: Area Revitalization of the Center of Lodz – Project 3 – J. Tuwima Street including section between J. Kiliński and Targowa Street together with buildings at Tuwima Street no. 33-35, 46, 52 – Part 1


Ordering Party: City of Łódź – Urban Investment Management Board 
General Contractor: Central Branch of Mostostal Warszawa  
Contract and Site Manager: Mariusz Szymański 
Gross contract value: PLN 28 841 657.60 

Technical data:

Number of aboveground storeys: 5
Number of underground storeys:
Height: 21,46 m 
Area of two plots of land: 1487 m
Footprint area: 1 209,68 m2 (with elements beyond the outline of ) 
Total area: 6097,67 m
Usable area: 3298,83 m
Retail service area: 105,47 m
Gross building volume: 23 987,83 m3