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Mostostal Warszawa to construct the Strzyżów ring road

18 January 2017

Mostostal Warszawa has won the tender of the Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich and as a result will construct 6-kilometer-long ring road of Strzyżów which will be forming part of the regional road no. 988. The project worth nearly PLN 99 million will be performed within the Capital Group of Mostostal Warszawa, in joint forces with Mostostal Kielce. The agreement on behalf of the consortium signed: Andrzej Goławski, President of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa, Krzysztof Rusiecki, President of the Management Board of Mostostal Kielce and Andrzej Paczek, Commercial Director of Department of Infrastructure at Mostostal Warszawa.

Authorities of Strzyżów have been endeavoring for the construction of the ring road since the 1970s. Finally, the project is taking off, and companies of Mostostal Warszawa Group will be general contractor of the new route. The agreement was officially signed with authorities of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and the Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich (the Podkarpackie Office for Roads Management) on January, 17 during a session of the district council. The construction of this ring road is the most valuable task included in the Regional Operational Programme for the years 2014-2020 in the Podkarpackie voivodeship. What is more, the ring road of Strzyżów will have a major supralocal role. It will improve communication between the capital city of the voivodeship and southern districts, and districts of the eastern Małopolska region as well as towards Slovakia and southern Europe.

The Strzyżów ring road will be a part of the regional road no. 988 running through the built-up and not built up area as well as agricultural terrains. It is designed to redirect the transit traffic outside the city and improve communication on the section Babica – Twierdza. It will be over a six-kilometre-long roadway, class G, with two lanes, each 3.5 m wide.

Company’s strategy assumes building our advantage by diversification of the order backlog, and that’s possible thanks to the unique references gained in the various areas of the market, pointed out Andrzej Goławski, President of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa.The recently signed contract proves that our efforts in this matter are effective and from that point, we are better positioned to strengthen the company’s position on the road market. The construction of the ring road of Strzyżów is important for local infrastructure. It is worth highlighting that our contractual partner in this task is Mostostal Kielce. Further, this is a strong suit of our Capital Group which is enabled to exploit synergy and make use of available resources’, he added.

Mostostal Warszawa is experienced in infrastructure projects and road construction. The company was general contractor of the biggest road contract in Poland – section of the express road S8 from node Konotopa to the node Prymasa Tysiąclecia (project worth PLN 2.2 billion) and ring roads of Kielce, Opalenica, Koszalin and Wojnicz. Mostostal Kielce is specialized in realization and assembly of steel structures, and in response to the market demand is manufacturing and assembling thousands of bridges and steel viaducts per year.  

The agreement, worth gross PLN 98 077 960,70, involves the construction of both one-level (roundabouts, uncontrolled and channelized intersections) and two-level (e.g. designed as fly-overs), intersections with roads and railways. Locally, will be executed left-turn, acceleration and deceleration lanes. In total, it is assumed that 25 engineering structures will be built, included: 5 bridges (3 on the Wisłok river, one on the Stobnica river and one on the Różanka stream), road fly-overs and culverts.

The project assumes also:

  • construction of access roads (service roads),
  • protection from landslides
  • construction of pavements near the intersections and bus bays and reconstruction of the existing ones,  
  • construction of bus bays,
  • lighting of the roundabouts and two-level intersections, 
  • building environmental protection devices, such like: noise barriers, animal crossings, rainwater and snowmelt purification system, isolating/protective greenery (depending on the indications from the environmental decision)  
  • construction of road drainage system,
  • construction/reconstruction or protection of all the external infrastructure elements in the investment area,  
  • road markings and technical equipment for road safety

The Strzyżów ring road is to be completed until the end of October 2019. For the realization of the project will be responsible Department of Infrastructure headed by Grzegorz Krzystański.

The subject of the agreement: Construction of the Strzyżów ring road within the regional road no. 988   

Date of signature: 17.01.2017


Investor: Województwo Podkarpackie – Podkarpacki Zarząd Dróg Wojewódzkich

General contractor:  consortium of Mostostal Warszawa (leader) - Mostostal Kielce (partner)

Length: 6.24 km

Class: G

Number of lanes: 2

Width of a singular lane: 3.5 m

Number of engineering structures: 25

Gross contract value: PLN 98 077 960.70  

Region: Podkarpackie voivodeship