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Mostostal Warszawa to construct the building shell under new project of Echo Investment

18 November 2016

Central Division concluded another contract in the area of residential construction. This time Warsaw division of Mostostal Warszawa will complete the shell of the multi-family building which will be erected at the corner of Wronia and Krochmalna St. The area of the investment is owned by Echo Investment.

Mostostal Warszawa will launch works on the property of the former Browary Warszawskie company. According to the local spatial development plan this area is intended for residential and office purposes. Echo Investment purchased 4,4 ha piece of property in 2014 and has been planning a multistage investment there which will cost approx. PLN 1 billion.  

In the scope of the agreement Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa will run the building shell for one of the residential projects. It will be a 5,6,7-storey building and will accomodate 90 apartments, 6 service premises, and underground garage.

On the plot were found remains of the old foundations. The property adjoins grounds of residential building at Chłodna 41 and automotive workshop at Chłodna 43 on the northern side. After uncovering the foundations and assessing the technical conditions, it was decided to monitor both buildings during excavation works. Furthermore, alongside the street adjacent to the plot runs underground infrastructure which needs to be secured as well as the excavation. Thus, taking into account the geotechnical conditions, there is no need of any additional works nor necessity to prepare engineering and geological documentation. 

The project will be implemented by Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa headed by Artur Soczewica. Marek Ziach was appointed contract manager and Marek Słowik – construction manager.

Subject of contract:  The building shell of residential multi-family building with services, underground garage at Wronia and projected Krochmalna St. in Warsaw.

Investor: Echo Investment

Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa

Surface area: 2 886,45 m2

Apartments floor space: 4 439,70 m2

Floor space: 8 924,74 m2

Building volume: 39 810,18 m3 

Number of storeys

  • aboveground: 5, 6, 7
  • underground: 1

Number of apartments: 90

Contract value: approx. PLN 9 million

Contract Manager: Marek Ziach

Construction Manager: Marek Słowik