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Mostostal Warszawa to construct bypass of Stalowa and Nisko

30 August 2017

Mostostal Warszawa will construct the bypass of Stalowa Wola and Nisko along the national road no. 77 for nearly PLN 200 million. It is another design[&]build investment to be executed in the Subcarpathian region by Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona Construcción. The contract for the realization of the task was signed with General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Rzeszów on August, 30.

Bypass of Stalowa Wola and Nisko is included in the Programme for the Construction of National Roads and Motorways for the years 2014-2023. It is one of the most expected projects of the Subcarpathian region. Nevertheless, eleven companies fought for this task, an offer issued by Mostostal Warszawa won. For this moment, the majority of tenders for infrastructure constitute the design and build projects. In such investment process the design stage is much faster as well as the construction itself. This also gives us a possibility to introduce optimal solutions and better control of overall project.  As it is the next infrastructure contract that we’ve recently signed, our return on roads has become a fact. We’re also occupy top positions in other significant tenders, consequently empowering company’s presence in infrastructure’,says President of the Management Board Andrzej Goławski.

The planned route of the bypass

The route begins in Stalowa Wola at the junction of Podskarpowa and Chopina Street near the Vivo! Shopping Centre. Then it goes along the embankments of San river within northern eastern border of Nisko. The bypass will be connected with national road no. 77 in Przędzel at the Rudnik junction. It will also have a direct connection with expressway S19 which forms parts of international route Via Carpatia.

Apart from the design project and obtaining all necessary administrative decision to start a road project, construction of Stalowa Wola and Nisko bypass, Mostostal Warszawa is tasked to develop as-built documentation along with obtaining permit for use. The range of work includes accompanying infrastructure (engineering structures, access roads, drainage system, signing, etc) and removing those elements of infrastructure that collide with the investment, e.g. disassembly of high-voltage towers. The start of construction is planned in the 4th quarter of 2018’, adds Sławomir Barczak, Director of Infrastructure of Mostostal Warszawa.

Importance of the project

National road no. 77 is one of the most relevant transit routes both in the Subcarpathian region and in the country. It runs to two border checkpoints at Korczowa and Medyka alongside the southern eastern border of Poland. At present, the DK77 crosses through dense urban development area of Stalowa Wola and Nisko. High road traffic in those towns causes many difficulties for the locals. What is more, the traffic in the strict city centre of Nisko is limited for vehicles weighing in excess over 3,5 tonnes and that in turn hampers development of local enterprises. The bypass is constructed in an attempt to improve the traffic flow between towns, increase road capacity and relieve bottlenecks in the city centres.

Mostostal in the Subcarpathian region

Let us remind that soon Mostostal Warszawa starts construction of Strzyżów bypass in the Subcarpathian voivodeship. The design[&]build agreement for the realisation of this project has been signed in the beginning of the year. The bypass is in the designing phase now. Next, in 2015 and 2016 the company built two composite bridges there. Mostostal Warszawa was also general contractor of the 7-kilometre section of the A4 highway linking Rzeszów Centralny and Rzeszów Wschód. In the past the company delivered projects on environmental protection, e.g. in the town of Krosno and is to extend local sewage treatment plant.

The project will be executed by Infrastructure Division of Mostostal Warszawa headed by Sławomir Barczak.

The investment task: Design and construction of bypass of Stalowa Wola and Nisko as a part of the national road no. 77 including technical infrastructure, buildings and facilities

Basic road parameters:

Length: 15.3 km 
Class: GP 
Carrying capacity (kN/axe): 115 
Number of nodes:
Number of structures (bridges/viaducts/tunnels): 1/5/0


General contractor: Mostostal Warszawa, Acciona Construcción SA 
Voivodeship: Subcarpathian 
Term of realisation: 34 months 
Warranty: 10 years 
Gross contract value: PLN 199 189 315.22

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