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Mostostal Warszawa to build luxury apartments in Jurata

13 December 2016

It will be a touch of luxury to the seaside resort. Mostostal Warszawa is to begin construction of the exclusive apartment building on the Hel Pennisula. The intimate, modern hotel with a view of the Puck Bay will be situated near the pier in Jurata. The investment is worth 17.8 million gross. The contract commissioned by Medical Investment Trust will perform Northern Division of Mostostal Warszawa under the leadership of Director Maciej Sasak.

In the scope of the agreement, Mostostal Warszawa will realize a comprehensive construction of a luxury building which will include apartments and underground garage. The total area of the apartments is more than 1 900 m2. It will be a three storey high building. What is more, the work include: equipping the hotel, technical infrastructure adjustment, including connections. In every 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments of area from 48 m2 to 106 m2, will have a kitchinette connected to the living room, bathroom and terrace for recreation. The property of the investment where the luxury hotel is to be erected was designed by Arch Deco and is to be situated at the corner of Mestwina and Międzymorze Street in Jurata.  

'The area of the investment is placed by the waters of the bay. As the construction work is to be performed in the coastal protection zone, the investor needed to ask for building permit to the Maritime Office of Gdynia. Furthermore, the plot is situated in the Natura 2000 network – Special Zone of the Puck bay and Hel Penninsula. However taking into account the scope of works and the fact that the investment  is located in rights of way of public roads, there is no risk of endangering the local fauna and flora. Therefore, with no obstacle preventing us from the realization, we can start as planned', concluded Maciej Sasak, Director of Northern Division at Mostostal Warszawa.

From the very beginning, since the 1930s, Jurata was a summer resort destination for elites. It has always attracted many tourists because of its sandy beaches, air with high content of iodine, special microclimate and pine forest in the area. For sure, the new project will be a luring place for holidaymakers. From the windows of the apartments will be stretching a beautiful view of the bay as the building will be erected near the beach, side to the long, wooden pier. Thanks to the glass walls and spacious terraces it will be a pleasure to admire the charm of the sea, sunsets and sunrises. Modern architecture of the building will fit perfectly to the surrounding greenery.  

Subject of the agreement: Construction of hotel apartments in Jurata with underground garage and services at the corner of Mestwina and Międzymorze Street.

Investor: Medical Investment Trust 
Contractor: Mostostal Warszawa 
Construction manager: Robert Kiezik 
Design: Arch-Deco Sp. z o.o. 
Total area: 3 916 m
Usable area: 2 675 m
Footprint area: 722 m
Gross contract value: PLN 17 835 000 
Term of realisation: 2016-2018