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Mostostal Warszawa – the safe work leader

02 December 2009

The Forum of Work Safety Leaders operating at the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) awarded our company with the Work Safety Leader Green Card.

On behalf of Mostostal, the award was received by Krzysztof Trzeciński, OHS head at Mostostal on November 23 during the 12th Conference of the Forum of Work Safety Leaders held in Słok, near Bełchatów. The Green Card was awarded to our company in recognition of the results in the application of scientific and technological improvements concerning work conditions, safety and the protection of people in the working environment.

“Mostostal Warszawa has been a member of the Forum since 2000. The annual awards are granted by the forum only to member companies and those actively cooperating with the forum in adjusting the Polish working conditions to EU standards. On the one side, our long-term Forum membership allows us to apply numerous practical training courses and seminars during which we can deepen our knowledge regarding the latest achievements within the area of improved working conditions and safety and we can share our experience in this area, approve projects completed by CIOP-PIB and recommend our opinions and solutions,” emphasises Krzysztof Trzeciński.

The forum provides a platform for contact between its members. It is used to exchange experience and good practices for creating safe and ergonomic working conditions through substantial support provided to CIOP-PIB to carry out cause-and-effect analyses in terms of occupational risks and to limit their effects. It particularly concerns occupational accident and illness prevention.