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Mostostal Warszawa takes on Lipowe Zacisze

13 July 2017

Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa is to execute the new residential project in Pruszkow worth over PLN 58 million gross. At the Lipowe Zacisze estate is to be developed multi-family, service and residential, building with 259 flats. The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Jorge Calabuig Ferre (Member of the Board for Business Development) and Tomasz Okoń (Commercial Director/Central Division) signed the agreement on behalf of the company. The investor was represented by Michał Miś – President of the Management Board of the Lipowe Zacisze Sp. z o.o. The team under the supervision of Waldemar Giedrojć (contract manager) and Marek Kęsy (site manager) is tasked to ensure a proper performance of the contract.

The investment area is situated at the premises of the Lipowe Zacisze estate which was developed in 2012. The new building will be erected at the crossing of Lipowa and Maria Street in Pruszkow near Warsaw. Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa headed by Artur Soczewica will erect a residential and service building ranging in height. There will be eight storeys of apartments that will occupy an area of 14 254,8 sqm. The one-level underground garage will be partially situated under residential storeys. Further, there is planned a construction of a two-level garage for 345 parking spaces. One of its storeys can be accessed from the ground level. The ground floor and an aboveground part of the garage are to be covered with green terraces.

The new complex will be comprised of 1994,9 sqm of an office and service area which will occupy four storeys. Fitness room with kindergarten will be situated on the ground floor. The project encompasses comprehensive construction of the mixed-use building with surrounding infrastructure:

  • sanitary system (water and sewage), central heating, forced air-conditioning system, technological heat system included connections;
  • electrical and teletechnical systems including satellite TV and radio receiver system, door entry system, fire protection system, stairwell smoke ventilation, carbon monoxide detection, CCTV system (closed circuit surveillance), intrusion detection system;
  • land development including internal infrastructure, playground, small architecture, fencing and outside lights;
  • obtaining the occupancy permit.


Task: Construction of multi-family residential building with services, under- and aboveground garages at Lipowa Street in Pruszkow 
Contracting authority: Lipowe Zacisze Sp. z o.o.  
General contractor: Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa 
Contract value: PLN 58 163 772,00 gross (PLN 53 855 344,44 net) 
Contract Manager: Waldemar Giedrojć 
Site Manager: Marek Kęsy 
Aboveground storeys: 4 to 8 
Underground storeys:
Total area: 37 699,00 m
Net area: 32 360,60 m
Floor area: 14 254,8 m
Service area: 1 312,2 m
Office space: 682,7 m
Cubic volume: 112 760,00 m
Number of apartments: 259 
Number of parking spaces

  • in the garage: 345 
  • on the parcel: 34