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Mostostal Warszawa presents good practices in the field of innovations

01 April 2016

Mostostal Warszawa was appreciated in the annual Report of Responsible Business Forum (FOB) „Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices”. It is the only publication in Poland which collectively presents good practices of Polish companies in the area of social responsibility of business. FOB recognised reasearch and development activity of Department of Research and Development of Mostostal Warszawa and company’s commitment in enhancing level of safety at work by introducing pioneer technical solutions in construction industry.   

How responsible business looks like in Poland? We can find the answer in the XIV report prepared by Responsible Business Forum which shows an accurate picture of social responsibility standards that Polish firms represent. The recognised activities were categorised according to the rule ISO 26000 as follows: organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement and development. In the summary were presented more than 800 initiatives realized in 2015 and long-term practices that have social dimension, including activities of Mostostal Warszawa for the first time. We appeared among companies that support sustainable development, making an example in implementing innovations on the market. In the report are presented good practices of such firm, enterprises, institutions, organisations as for example: PKN Orlen, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Enea SA, PGNiG, KGHM Polska Miedź SA, PKP SA, Skanska, Cemex, Góradże, Orange Polska, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, PKO Bank Polski.

– I am glad that Mostostal Warszawa has been included in the report of Responsible Business Forum. We have been striving to set up new trends in construction sector for a long time. We are doing it in the area of innovations and we will become a leader of sustainable development in construction sector. It is my duty to strenghten company’s CSR activity so that we will be able to present more good practices next year. Companys which are disconnected from CSR strategy are doomed to fail today. Entrepreneur must first understand importance and need for initiatives where the beneficiary is society, that is indirectly all of us, secondly look for optimal solutions to realize those practices with success. Nowadays, responsible business means more than maintaining company’s profitability. Corporate responsability strategy is bound to become objective of any kind of business, regardless of the sector. FOB’s report shows that variety and proves at the same time that more and more companies perceive importance of social responsibility – said Andrzej Goławski, President of the Management Board in Mostostal Warszawa.  

This year report was published on March, 31th. Two practices of Mostostal Warszawa were recognised there. First one is research and development activity and achievements in the field of innovations. Mostostal Warszawa is the only construction company in Poland that has established in its structure a unit dedicated to elaborate and implement innovative technologies. Department of Research and Development, that is a unit just mentioned, was created more than 10 years ago and since that time has realized many research and scientific projects and cooperated with almost every significant scientific facilities in the country and in the world. Nowadays, there are several people employed in this department who have many publications on their account and are engaged in innovative research and scientific projects, unique also on the global scale. The last achievement of R[&]D Department is execution of the first Polish composite bridge in scientific and industrial consortium. The activity of the unit is based not only on creating modern solutions, but also on promoting cooperation between world of science and industry.

The second practice that was recognised by FOB is our original project in the field of improving work conditions. In 2015 Department of Research and Development in cooperation with Department of Occupational Health and Safety presented an innovative project of barrier which should ensure additional protection for construction workers during works at heights. As demonstrated by Central Statistic Office (GUS)1 falls from heights are the most common cause of fatal accidents on the site. In order to meet on of the greatest dangers of the construction industry, Mostostal Warszawa proposed innovative technical solution (two types) which is designed to improve level of safety at work, and prevent falls from heights on the site.  

– Responsible Business Forum presents the most reliable and fair view report regarding prosocial activities of Polish companies. Mostostal Warszawa has appeared for the first time in this overview. We were appreciated for our efforts in order to improve work conditions. This is one of the key objectives of our strategy. It is also a special distinction for us for other reason. That report presents a summary of good practices realized in 2015. Indeed, it was then when we celebrated 70th anniversary of the company’s business – added Jacek Szymanek, Member of the Board of Mostostal Warszawa for Management and Administration.    

Report „Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” is a leading publication in Poland concerning CSR issues. It includes examples of practices realized by Polish companies and enterprises of various industries setting the most comprehensive profile of social business responsibility in our country. The report has been published for 15 years. First time, it was presented in February 2003.   


[1] According to the data supplied by GUS for 2014 and 2015.