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Mostostal Warszawa joins the picnic organised by Warsaw WaterWorks

15 March 2016


On 19th March, on The Landing Memorial (Płyta Desantu) near the Czerniakowski Wharf will be hosted family picnic issued on the occasion of the World Water Day. On that day, Warsaw WaterWorks have prepared many surprises and attractions for parents and their children. Joinging the event, Mostostal Warszawa invites the residents to participate in the celebrations. We will raise a toast for the health of the Varsovians with.. glass of tap water!

Last year Mostostal Warszawa signed a contract for construction of Municipal Water and Sewerage Company (MPWiK) headquarters which is realizing our team of Central Region. Our company ensures convenience and comfort of Warsaw residents by delivering every once in a while projects which were performed in line with sustainable construction. Ecological projects of Mostostal Warszawa, such as sewage treatment plant „Czajka”, are the best example of positive changes in our enviroment that contribute to better quality of our daily life. 

It is worth knowing what is good for us and what serves our body best, and one way to enjoy good health is within arm’s reach. Simply is enough to turn on the tap. Mostostal Warszawa have made quite a contribution to that. In 2010 in historical building of the Central Department of Water our company modernised water filtery machinery and that allowed to eliminate chlorine from the process of water purification. As a result a taste and smell of tap water in Warsaw significantly improved. More details about why is it healthy to drink unbottled water, will be discovered during picnic held on Saturday. Once again Mostostal Warszawa supports and encourges to participate in that event.   

Municipal Water and Sewerage Company organises picnic to celebrate a World Water Day fifth time in a row to convince the Varsavians to drink tap water. On 19th March in Czerniakowski Wharf will rise a heated tent hall which wil be a central place of the celebrations. The picnic will start at 11:00.






What is planned for the event?

  • a walk along the Vistula river,
  • experiments with water,
  • building Einstein’s machine,
  • many games and plays for the youngest visitors,
  • contests with awards, but also...

... the participants can get dietetics consultation, know why is it worth drinking the tap water instead of sweetened beverages as well as they can take a first aid course. The event will be completed with a concert featuring Rafał Brzozowski. Addionally, there will be a chance to visit the Filtering Station (Stacja Filtrów) at Raszyńska Street which provides clean and tasty drinking water and which Mostostal Warszawa modernised in the past.            

We are inviting you to join the picnicking!