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Mostostal Warszawa invites to free OHS training course

03 August 2016

Mostostal Warszawa recommends participating in free periodic trainings, which are the result of cooperation between the Association for Safety in the Construction Industry and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Thanks to this initiative, contractors are gaining an excellent opportunity for professional training of theirs employees in the scope of safety.

This fall, in all provinces in Poland, will be carried out free periodic training with special emphasis on small and medium-sized building companies, operating on the Polish market. This program tailored to the specifics and needs of the construction industry is addressed to all employees of construction sites, regardless of the type of contract, and the people involved in the implementation of construction works ( machine operators, trucks drivers, warehouseman or staff support facilities construction).

The program of the OHS workshops is based on the experience of the signatories of the Association for Safety in the Construction Industry and has been approved by the National Labour Inspectorate. Mostostal Warszawa as a member of the Association and one of the largest general contractors of the Polish market implements a safety policy in accordance with the highest standards and ensures compliance with the OHS rules on its construction sites. Safety is one of the Company’s strategic goals. Mostostal Warszawa is involved in activities aimed at enhancing safety in the construction industry, among others, by implementing innovations. The core value for the Company is human life and health, and the main purpose is to eliminate fatal accidents on construction sites. Joint initiatives which the Company undertakes in the framework of the Association are intended to raise awareness among employees and build a culture of safe work. During the workshops, specially trained coaches will focus on the real risks associated with construction activities, provide practical advice and unique insights. Participation in the training will help to raise qualifications of the employees.

Boring training? Not at all!

Trainings are focused on general construction works related to line systems and volume projects. Specially trained coaches in an interactive and interesting way will guide participants through aspects of the safe work on most production stands. During practical workshops, they will learn how to plan their work, what to pay special attention to, how to react to unforeseen situations and how to properly leave place of work after finishing their activities.

Reliable training, carried out in a unique way, is a great opportunity to increase the knowledge and awareness of employees in the scope of OHS. It also creates the basis for future security on each realized in Poland construction.

It is worth knowing that...

  • courses are fully financed by ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) within the funds allocated to prevention
  • training program received the recommendation of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers and the Trade Union of Builders
  • there are no additional conditions to be fulfilled by companies
  • project involves the training of 200 employees in each province
  • all applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis

Information for participants

You can sign up by  phone: 790 377 329 or 22 618 64 35. From 12 August 2016 application will be submitted only electronically through the website or by e-mail:szkolenia.zus|| |szkolenia.zus|