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Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona together at the International Tunnel Forum

04 February 2021

One of the topics of the conference was the preparation for work on the tunnel under the S19 Rzeszów-Babica contract.

Fernando Vara Ortiz de la Torre, Director of Global Business Development, specializing in Railways and Tunnels at Acciona, was one of the speakers at the 3rd International Tunnel Forum.

The main topic of the presentation were Acciona's experience in the construction of large diameter tunnels. In addition to the already completed tunnel investments from around the world, Fernando Vara Ortiz de la Torre spoke about the preparations for the work on the tunnel under the S19 Rzeszów-Babica contract, which is being implemented by the consortium of Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona Construcción.

The planned tunnel will be approximately 2,100 meters long. It will consist of, among others from two one-way aisles, which will be connected by 12 emergency passages. There will also be one emergency crossing. Each of the individual aisles will be 12.4 meters wide. The maximum depth of the works is over 70 meters. There will be 32 alarm points, 28 emergency niches and 28 hydrants along the entire length of the tunnel. The tunnel will be equipped with transverse ventilation. Fresh air will be supplied from the bottom along the entire length of the tunnel, and used air will be discharged through special portals. The technology, know-how and TBM equipment to be used in this project will be provided by Acciona.

During the 3rd International Tunnel Forum, design, execution and equipment solutions in tunnel construction were presented, based on examples of specific projects implemented in Poland and abroad. It was an overview of the different technologies used in tunnel construction, depending on the location and geological conditions. The second basic thematic block consisted of experiences from the functioning of the existing tunnels in terms of ensuring safety. Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona took patronage over this event.

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