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Mostostal Warszawa Group to expand tank farm in Gdańsk

30 January 2018

Mostostal Warszawa is to construct crude oil tanks in PERN base in Gdańsk. The contract worth nearly PLN 142.95 million net will be performed in consortium with Mostostal Płock, a company specialised in execution of industrial installations. The extension will increase the overall storage capacity of the tank farm in Gdańsk by additional 200 thousand cubic meters.   

The consortium comprised of Mostostal Warszawa and Mostostal Płock won a contract for construction of two crude oil tanks with a capacity of 100 000 m3 each.  New tanks will be constructed in the Gdańsk Base owned by PERN. The investment project is worth PLN 142.95 million net and will be executed by Industry Construction Division headed by Marzena Witkowska together with Mostostal Płock. In the scope of the agreement, the consortium is to execute double shell storage tanks equipped with a steel-welded floating roof. The tanks will be provided with control of tank bottoms, protection against uncontrolled spill and contamination of drinking water resources, hydrocarbon leak detectors, flame detectors. It will be also equipped with tank level, density and temperature monitoring system as well as floating roof monitoring system. Apart from construction and assembly of tanks, the task entails developing the accompanying infrastructure.

The contract worth PLN 142.95 million net was signed in the PERN headquarters in Płock by: Tadeusz Zwierzyński (Vice-president of PERN) i Mateusz Wodejko (Vice-president of PERN), Maciej Barycki (President of the Management Board of Mostostal Płock), Paweł Rakowski (Member of the Board of Mostostal Płock) and Andrzej Goławski (President of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa) and Marzena Witkowska (Director of Industry Division of Mostostal Warszawa). The event also attended: Robert Woroszyło (Director/PERN), Marcin Szymczak (Director/PERN), Joanna Koziminska (Project Manager/PERN), Grzegorz Lukowski (Commercial Director/ Mostostal Płock), Robert Kowalski (Production Director/Mostostal Płock), Marian Szarecki (Project Manager/Mostostal Płock).

Mostostal Warszawa Group once again has joined a significant undertaking which contributes to the industrial potential of the country. It is our great pleasure to perform the expansion of tank farm Gdańsk with a company belonging to the Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group. This enables us to develop deeper synergy within the Group upon which our operations are strongly based. Mostostal Płock is specialized in erection of industrial tanks and other industrial installations. For many years our subsidiary has been involved in projects for the biggest enterprises on the crude oil and fuel market. As a Group with strong references in the industry sector, we’re pinning our hopes to similar investments. I believe that our activities in this sector will be constantly increasing’, highlighted Andrzej Goławski, President of Management Board at Mostostal Warszawa.

Mostostal Warszawa Group has cooperated with PERN several times so far, e.g. during an extensive execution of two crude oil tanks in PERN base in Adamowo, the largest tanks in Poland at that time (the construction increased total storage volume of the base by a third) as well as construction of the Oil Terminal in Gdańsk. What is more, the Group’s project portfolio encompasses the energy, mining, steel, cement and chemical industries.

At the moment the Gdańsk base contains 18 crude oil tanks. The total base capacity is 900 thousand cubic metres. After Mostostal Warszawa and Mostostal Płock performing the expansion, the PERN fuel base in Gdańsk will increase its storage capacity by additional 200 000 cubic meters. According to the project schedule, new tanks are to be delivered within 25 months – said Marzena Witkowska, Director of Industry Division at Mostostal Warszawa.

PERN is the state-owned company and manages inland tank farms of crude oil with the total capacity of 3.5 million cubic metres; it also manages the network of crude oil and fuel pipelines at the total length of 2 600 km. The company owns tree fuel bases in Gdańsk, Płock and Adamowo and the aforementioned Oil Terminal in Gdańsk. In addition to the operation in the area of crude oil and fuel logistics in the country, the company is transporting crude oil for the refineries in Germany.

Ordering Party: PERN 
General Contractor: Mostostal Płock (leader) / Mostostal Warszawa (partner) 
Number of tanks:
Nominal capacity: 100 000 m
Actual capacity: 113 228 m
Tank height: 22,526 m 
Net contract value: PLN 142.95 million