Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.

Mostostal Warszawa is ready for the green opening. The company plans to invest in a factory of foundations for offshore wind farms

26 April 2021

Mostostal Warszawa strengthens its activity on the renewable energy market. - We have technology that will benefit the Polish renewable energy sector - says Jorge Calabuig Ferre, Vice President of the company.

Mostostal Warszawa wants to offer investors developing offshore wind farm projects in Poland an innovative solution for the foundation of wind farms, integrated with the assembly and transport of the turbine. The proposal is based on GBS (Gravity Based Structure) concrete technology with the use of floating docks technology, which enables the integrated transport of the complete set, i.e. the foundation with the turbine, from the installation port directly to the destination at sea. The technology allows for the production of a complete installation on land, and thus for a more efficient, faster, safer, more ecological and possible to build wind farms only with the use of national potential. - This solution is also attractive in terms of price - says Jorge Calabuig Ferre.

Mostostal Warszawa's plans, apart from the technological offer, include the production of the necessary structural elements. - Our offer is a comprehensive solution. Using the domestic potential, we want to build a factory for foundations for wind turbines. However, in order to move to the investment phase, we need appropriate conditions to develop the domestic offshore potential using the plans to build offshore wind farms - says the Vice President of Mostostal Warszawa.