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Mostostal Warszawa for Mint of Poland

26 July 2017

Mostostal Warszawa is to start construction of the new residential project in the very heart of the capital city. Central Division headed by Artur Soczewica concluded the agreement with Mint of Poland for the realisation of the modern and luxury complex of apartments – Mennica Residence II. The net contract value amounts to PLN 103 150 313.96.

The residential building which is to execute Mostostal Warszawa in the block bound by Żelazna, Grzybowska, Waliców and Pereca Street will resemble with its appearance urban residences straight from Manhattan. While creating a design, authors were inspired by the architecture of tower blocks in the New York. General contractor of the project is Central Division of Mostostal Warszawa headed by Artur Soczewica. The team led by Robert Nowak (Contract Manager) and Tomasz Żyluk (Construction Manager) is to be responsible for its implementation. New, fifteen-storey high building that is to rise in the centre of Warsaw will fit into city’s skyline within almost two years. 

Luxury combined with comfort and functionality

Mennica Residence will be having almost 45 000 square metres of total area. The cubic volume of the building is to amount approximately 140 000 cubic meters. The building can be divided into three parts: underground garage, service and residential area. The service area will be designated for two lower storeys that will house 21 service units and 5 office rooms in total. On the ground floor is also planned 7 meters tall reception hall. The residential part (floors from 3 up to 15) will house 335 units, from one-room to six-room apartments. The top floors will occupy penthouses with terraces and winter gardens. In the underground part was designed a three-storey garage with one entrance divided into two unidirectional ramps and technical facilities substantial to the functioning of the building, such as c.o., water connection, hydrophore system, rainwater retention tank, switchboard, etc. In the garage will be also located parking places and rooms for motorcycles and bicycles.

At the crossroads of history and modernity

At the moment, AURUM office building, destined for demolition, is situated in the investment site. It used to be headquarters of the Numismatic Cabinet of the Mint of Poland. The elevation of the office building on the side of Waliców Street constitutes a historical brick wall that will be incorporated into the designed buildings. The wall constructed by the Germans during World War II marked the border between the Aryan part of the city and the Warsaw ghetto area.To date, only a few fragments of the ghetto walls have survived: in the courtyard between Złota 62 Street and Sienna 55 and Waliców 11 Street. The historic wall, witness of history, will also be properly protected during construction. The historic brewery building of Hermann Jung, which, along with the wall, has been listed as a relic of historic industrial buildings is also situated within the investment area.

‘I’m glad that we’ve have established cooperation with Mint of Poland in this interesting project. Firstly, because of the prestigious localisation of the investment in the very centre of Warsaw. Secondly, because of the scale of the project and preservation of the historical architecture, including fragments of the wall on the side of Waliców Street which marked the western border of the small ghetto and revitalisation of the old Jung’s brewery which used to operate there. Mostostal Warszawa has experience in projects combining construction work with the thorough modernisation of the historical urban buildings. Our effectiveness can be best observed in the example of buildings recently revitalised at the Praga district: Centre of Creativity Targowa and Warsaw Praga Museum. I hold strong hope that we will forge a solid partnership with the investor and that we will strengthen our cooperation working on different projects’, says Artur Soczewica, Director of the Central Division.

The Mint of Poland has been operating since 1766. The company is a leading manufacturer of coinage and numismatics in Poland and Europe; produces official and heraldic seals which satisfy domestic needs and is a sole manufacturer of gold bars in the country. In addition to its core business, the company develops its investment potential on the real estate market acting as the developer. Mennica Polska owns many plots in the very centre of the city.

Task: Construction of the multi-family residential building Mennica Residence II with services and underground garage, land development, access roads to the property and supporting infrastructure

Contracting Party: MENNICA POLSKA S.A. 
General Contractor: Oddział Centralny Mostostal Warszawa  
Design: BBGK ARCHITEKCI Sp. z o.o.
Contract Manager: Robert Nowak 
Construction Manager: Tomasz Żyluk 
Contract value: PLN 111 402 339,08 gross (PLN 103 150 313,96 net)


Technical specification:

Number of aboveground storeys: 15 
Number of underground storeys: 3 
Total area: 44 919,74 m²

- aboveground: 31 052,90 m²
- underground: 13 866,84 m²

Net area: 34 938,53 m²:

- aboveground: 22 757,03 m²
- underground: 12 181,50 m²

Usable floor area of flats: 15 634,71 m² 
Usable floor area of service and office units: 3 540,61 m² 
Cubic volume: 139 160,99 m³ 
Number of flats: 335 
Number of services units: 21 
Number of office units: 5

We invite you to take a look at the video material of Mennica Developer presenting the overall investment!