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01 February 2016

At the end of the January Lech Własak (Research and Development Department) gave a guest lecture at the Technology University of Warsaw. Students of Master’s studies specializing in bridge construction had a chance to know about achievements of our company in the field of implementing FRP composites in the construction industry. In the end of the last year was completed construction of the innovative bridge in Błażowa ( which permitted to present main stages of building this record construction: material tests, constructional elements tests , designing, elaborating process of prefabrication and construction itself. The presentation gained a great attention of the students. The representative samples brought by our colleague gave the lecture more workshop character and allowed students knowing better FRP composites and its fabrication process. It inaugurated a vivid, professional discussion which was moderated by the host of the lecture dr inż. Wojciech Karwowski.    

Let us remind that bridge in Błażowa is one of a few in Europe and the biggest in the world in respect of span length innovative bridge made of composites. The task was realized as a part of Com-bridge project. For the realization was responsible consortium under direction of Mostostal Warszawa SA with the participation of Promost Consulting from Rzeszów, Technology University of Rzeszów and Technology University of Warsaw. The construction of the bridge was co-financed from the funds of Demonstrator Plus programme which realizes National Centre of Research and Development. For the construction of the bridge were applied materials commonly used in the aerospace, car and sports industries (such as for example racing cars in Formula 1). Glass and carbon fibres allowed to create light, solid, persistant and corrosion resistant object. Its construction was possible thanks to the cooperation between industry and science and all of this under leadership of our company. 

Mostostal Warszawa, having 70-year-long experience on the construction market, initiated many projects which aimed to use better engineer knowledge and sharing it with others. We are realizing this task by, for example, cooperating with science and research units and technology universities in Poland and our social objective is, among others, to support new technologies, introducing innovations in the construction or improving level of education by providing the students with practical knowledge and support particular initiatives at the universitites.

Practical knowlegde and extensive experience of our colleagues-engineers gained during technologically advanced projects is a great advantage of the company and a huge value for candidates for future engineers. „We want to share our experience, support young people who learn ins and outs of theoretical knowledge about construction and soon will put that knowledge into practice. We are aware that experience that we have gathered during 70-year-long business operation and its variety can be useful not only for us, but also for the enviroment that we functionate in” – added Lech Własak from Department of Research and Development of our company.