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Mostostal Warszawa developes new solutions for housing constructions

19 September 2017

Department of Research and Development at Mostostal Warszawa has recently completed the H-house project. The four-year research resulted in eco-innovative building components for external and internal walls suited to improve occupant comfort and energy efficiency of residential buildings. The company constructed also two full-scale prototypes using innovative materials at the property of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

The International research project has been realised by a team consisting of 12 partners from four EU countries (Poland, Sweden, Germany and France) with CBI Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute as consortium’s leader. The project was co-financed from the funds of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

Department of Research and Development at Mostostal Warszawa is engaged in several projects aimed at developing solutions for energy efficient housing constructions. This year was completed project H-house originally started in 2013 and aimed at healthier indoor environment through the use of innovative and natural materials.

In the scope of the project were developed solutions suitable for direct application (e.g. functionalized earthen plasters) as well as more advanced, requiring further research (e.g. self-cleaning hydrophobic ultra-high performance concrete). Subject to the analysis were elements of external walls (prefabricated sandwich panels with use of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) or aerogel foam concrete composite insulation (AFC) and components for the internal application (internal partition walls, functionalized plasters). Basic parameters that were investigated include durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture sorption performance. Life cycle analysis was also performed.

In the scope of the project were designed façade elements of the buildings – innovative textile reinforced concrete panels. They can be applied either for new constructions including the building envelope or for renovations. The great advantages of this components are high thermal insulation, non-flammability, and environmental friendliness. Department of Research and Development participated, among others, in designing internal structure of the panels. For the production were used newly developed concrete mixtures. Mostostal Warszawa constructed also two demo buildings which are monitored on the property of the Building Research Institute.

Mostostal Warszawa was involved in the developing joining components of the internal layers of concrete prefabricated elements and anchor system. For this, we used FRP composite in order to eliminate cold bridges. Joints and anchors were made of e-glass and epoxy resin in our composite workshop. Further, we were responsible for preparing a business plan to implement and introduce it onto the market and also for the construction of UHPC and TRC demo buildings – says Lech Własak, Department of Research and Development.

Video presenting the H-house project is available now on our YouTube!

For more information go to project’s website