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Mostostal Warszawa continues construction of Panoramika estate in Szczecin

09 November 2017

The Panoramika Warszewo estate will gain a view of the city. Mostostal Warszawa has just concluded two new contracts for the implementation of subsequent buildings in the Szczecin project of Ronson Development. The total value of both contracts is almost gross PLN 52.5 million. The project will be implemented by the Western Division of Mostostal Warszawa.

Mostostal Warszawa commenced works at the Panoramika estate in 2016 and has become the general contractor of the multi-family residential building comprising 122 dwellings. Ultimately the Panoramika residential complex situated at the Krasińskiego and Panoramiczna streets would form seven facilities comprising a total of 499 apartments. Under the recently concluded contracts with the Ronson Group, the Western Division of Mostostal Warszawa will be implementing the fourth and fifth stage of the project. The value of contracted works is PLN 33 487 000 and PLN 18 999 961 respectively, which adds up to an approximate of gross PLN 52.5 million.

On 8 November 2017 in the Investor’s premises in Warsaw two contract were concluded, which were signed on behalf of Mostostal Warszawa by: Andrzej Goławski, Board Chairman of Mostostal Warszawa and Dariusz Jarek, Director of General Civil Construction, with the investor represented by Mr. Tomasz Łapiński, Board Chairman and Andrzej Gutowski Sales and Marketing Department.

“The Ronson Group is a leading developer for properties situated in Poland and a long-term business partner of ours, and consequently we highly appreciate the trust vested in us by the investor. Today we signed two contracts for subsequent stages of the Panoramika estate we are executing in Szczecin. We are very happy about the fact that our cooperation with the investor is developing by further projects and we can jointly build new capital”– said Andrzej Goławski, Board Chairman of Mostostal Warszawa.

The scope of the contracts comprises the construction of two residential multi-family buildings – L3 and  L4 – including garages and accompanying infrastructure, the required approaches and driveways, land development and obtaining an occupancy permit. The first building to be built will be L4, which is to be furnished with a single-level underground garage and parking places on the ground. As regards building L3, Mostostal Warszawa will first execute the building shell. Further works are to be commenced in 2019 and are specified in the second contract.

“Apart from Panoramika, Mostostal Warszawa is implementing concurrently other residential projects for the Ronson Group. In Warsaw they include the Espresso estate at Jana Kazimierza Street in the Wola district – fourth stage and the Nova Królikarnia estate at Jaśminowa Street in the Stegny district of Warsaw. This year we have also completed works on the Kamienica Jeżyce in Poznań, also for Ronson Development”, reminded Dariusz Jarek, Director of the General Civil Engineering.

The Panoramika estate is situated in the Warszewo district of Szczecin, in a district with good communication links with the city centre. Close in the vicinity there are numerous educational facilities, trekking and biking routes, as well as a diving school. There are also many green areas, at a distance of no more than 10 minutes from the estate: Kasprowicza Park, the Różanka, the Arkoński Forest or the S. Kownas Dendrological Garden. Also the Głebokie Lake is very close. The Panoramika estate is being erected in a sequential development on an area with a sloping to the southern part of the city. Thanks to the natural situation each of the buildings will have an exceptional view onto the panorama of Szczecin.

Subject of contract I: Panoramika 4 – Complex of multi-family residential houses with underground garages and accompanying infrastructure at Krasińskiego and Panoramiczna streets – building L4 and state 0 of building L3

Gross contract value: PLN 33.487.000.77

Subject of contract II: Panoramika 4 – Building L3

Gross contract value: PLN 18.999.961.24  

Visualisations of the Panoramika estate - Szczecin Warszewo