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Mostostal Warszawa to modernise wastewater treatment plant in Otwock

18 July 2017

Mostostal Warszawa won the tender for engineering and construction work to modernise wastewater treatment plant in Otwock. The task for the Otwockie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji (OPWiK) is to execute Western Division, Industry and Environment Protection headed by Marzena Witkowska. The contract is worth over PLN 18 million gross. 

Marzena Witkowska, Director of Western Division, Industry and Environment Protection signed the contract on behalf of the company. The Otwockie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji represented Mieczysław Kostyra, President of the Management Board and Grażyna Osica, chief accountant and proxy. Waldemar Giedrojć, Contract Manager at Mostostal Warszawa will ensure proper contract realisation.

The water and sewage company in Otwock for many years has been executing modernisation work in the facility. The tender for its reconstruction and extension was announced at the end of 2016. The scope of the agreement signed by Western Division, Industry and Environment Division headed by Marzena Witkowska encompasses modernisation of sewage and sludge management, including both renovation of the existing facilities and building new ones.

‘Six buildings are to be reconstructed involving:  main pumping station with grit removal chamber, process water pumping station, two closed digesting chambers, sludge dewatering facility, multifunctional building and external technological installations. In addition, Mostostal Warszawa will construct primary sludge disposal pumping station, sludge evacuation unit and will provide road infrastructure adjusted to the existing communication layout. It is worth highlighting that the work includes also technological equipment for the facilities in accordance with the technical specifications defined by the Otwockie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji’, says Marzena Witkowska, Director of Western Division, Industry and Environment Protection. 

Currently, the water and sewage company in Otwock is covering an area of four communes, inhabited by ninety-six thousands of residents. As the population grows, the amount of the discharged sewage also increases. That is why it is important to modernise the machinery and implement modern solutions. The reconstruction and extension will significantly improve the management of the waste by the local wastewater treatment plant which has been receiving wastewater from Otwock and surrounding areas for over 80 years.

Mostostal Warszawa has realised various projects in the area of environment protection and has extensive experience in this area. This list includes environment protection installations, hydrotechnical work, water work and sewage system, sludge and waste system. Among the projects commissioned to Mostostal Warszawa by municipal facilities are: modernisation of technology in the Central Water Plant in Warsaw, modernisation Northern Water Plant in Wieliszew, Water Treatment Facility in Sieniawa, comprehensive water and wastewater solutions for the city of Wałcz, modernisation and extension of the water and sewage system in Nowy Sącz and sewage treatment plant and  waste management plant in Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Project: Reconstruction and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in Otwock - task I 
Investor: Otwockie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. 
General contractor: Western Division, Industry and Environment Protection of Mostostal Warszawa (leader) [&] Firma Usługowo Handlowa "EFER" Stanisław Karpiel (partner) 
Contract value: PLN14.802.488,11 (net)/18.207.060,38 zł (gross)