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"Kryształowa Brukselka" Prize 2018 for Mostostal Warszawa!

12 June 2018

The award was granted to Mostostal Warszawa for the implementation of European research and development projects - This high-ranking distinction appreciated the efforts of many employees of the company - said Juliusz Żach, Head of Research and Development Department in Mostostal Warszawa.

Mostostal Warszawa was awarded the "Kryształowa Brukselka" for the second time. Earlier, in 2013, the company was awarded for outstanding achievements in the promotion and implementation of European Union research programs. - It is no secret that the key to preparing the winning application in the Framework Program competitions is a strong consortium, and reliable and conscientious consortium members are useful when implementing difficult projects. Mostostal Warszawa is currently a strong brand on the European arena of research and development projects. We showed that we are able to derive prototype solutions from laboratories and ensure the implementation of pilot facilities under real conditions-  explained the success of Mostostal Warszawa Juliusz Żach.

R[&]D in Mostostal Warszawa

Innovation in business is one of the key values of Mostostal Warszawa, which is the only company in the entire construction industry in Poland which established its own research and development division almost thirteen years ago. The R[&]D division prepares innovative technologies used to strengthen the company’s competitive edge. Currently, the division has a team of 10 experienced researchers, a production facility for composite materials. Mostostal Warszawa supports new technologies and not only invests in the development of the company, but also, and more importantly, invests in Polish engineering accomplishments. The research and development division cooperates with almost all significant research units in Poland and with numerous centres abroad. The company’s interests include: the application of new construction materials, energy efficiency and sustainable construction as well as communication and information technologies supporting production processes. During its history, the research and development division has completed over thirty R[&]D projects co- financed within framework programmes of the European Commission and structural funds managed by state agencies. High efficiency in the procurement of grants was confirmed by the Kryształowa Brukselka prize awarded to Mostostal Warszawa.

"Kryształowa Brukselka"

"Kryształowa Brukselka" is a prize awarded since 2001 for successes in the EU Framework Programs for Research and Innovation.

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