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Industry experts agree: Mostostal Warszawa is Creator of Construction!

28 November 2016

The Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers awarded the titles Creator of Construction. Mostostal Warszawa was honored with this distinction for the third consecutive year. The award ceremony was held 24 November in Sobański Palace in Warsaw. The award for overall performance, including scientific and research activities in the domain of new technologies, collected Andrzej Goławski, President of the Management Board.

The title of Creator of Construction is granted to companies and entrepreneurs which have a special impact on the construction market in Poland. The winners are awarded for effective leadership of the enterprise and innovative solutions contributing to the flowering of the construction industry. At the same time, the award is aimed at promoting good practices and ethical behaviors and also inspiring company’s leaders to take up further activities creating the conditions for positive trends shaping the business. As in the previous years, the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers' publishing house organized a gala in Warsaw (24 November 2016) during which the most active companies were rewarded for its special contributions to the development of the construction industry. In the event participated Andrzej Goławski, President of the Management Board of Mostostal Warszawa and collected the award Creator of Construction. During the gala, Tomasz Żuchowski, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction thanked for all the initiatives for the development of the Polish construction, congratulated winners and highlighted that Polish engineers are highly respected throughout the world.

What is more, the ceremony attended many well-known figures such as: Jacek Szer –  General Inspector of Building Control, Andrzej Roch Dobrucki – Chairman of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers, Włodzimierz Szymczak – former president of the European Council of Civil Engineers, Zbigniew Grabowski – honorary president of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers, Krystyna Korniak-Figa – member of the supervisory board of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers’ publishing house, Wiktor Piwkowski – secretary general of the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians, Stefan Czarniecki – vice president of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers, Marek Walicki – Director of the National Office of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers, Mieczysław Grodzki – president of the Masovian Regional Council of the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers.



‘The award for Mostostal Warszawa is another nice touch in the long-term performance of the company. Mostostal has been supporting the development of innovations in Poland for many years, realizing scientific and research programs in cooperation with research organisations. Our great success in the country and abroad was driven by Department of Research and Development. The unit, with over ten years of experience, encompasses scientific and intellectual potential of more of a dozen of engineers. Thanks to our R[&]D team were realized various projects and were created many prototype installations which enrich contribution of Mostostal Warszawa to the development of the Polish engineering thought’ – said Andrzej Goławski, President of the Management Board Mostostal Warszawa.

 The list of achievements of Mostostal Warszawa includes e.g.:

  • Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage in Ząbki hospital
  • Technology of constructing composite bridges and the first Polish composite bridge in Błażowa
  • the latest installation of the MERITS project - Field Test Demonstrator
  • Multi-Dwelling Urban Building 2030 in Żoliborz district in Warsaw
  • Environment-Friendly Hot Mineral and Asphalt Mixes
  • Innovative Technology for Low-Noise Road Surfaces
  • Construction Work Reinforcement Technology for Acts of Terrorism
  • Innovative protective system preventing falls from heights (effect of cooperation with OHS Department)

Nowadays, construction of composite bridge is the biggest accomplishment of Mostostal Warszawa. The technology of prefabricating large sized composite elements, developed as a part of Com-bridge project, represents the success on the global scale. It is a product of synergy between industry and science, featuring Mostostal Warszawa, Warsaw University of Technology, Rzeszów University of Technology and the Promost Consulting company.