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Innovative road bridge made of FRP composites as a main topic of Eighth Subcarpacian Discussion Meeting

20 November 2015

The theme of the Eighth Subcarpacian Discussion Meeting held in Rzeszów under the auspices of Mostostal Warszawa were Innovations in Bridge Construction. The conference has long been one of the most important scientific and technical developments in the country. This year, the conference gathered about 80 participants from Poland and abroad. At the invitation of Rzeszów University of Technology the meeting attended representatives of the Departments of Research and Development Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona Infraestructuras. It is not without reason that business innovation is one of our core values. It is worth reminding that Mostostal Warszawa is the only company in the construction industry that almost ten years ago formed an own Departement of Research and Development, which develops innovative technologies for strengthening the company's competitive advantage.

The meeting brings together a complementary body of experts (scientists, designers, contractors, representatives of the administration) was a great opportunity for thorough discussion on innovation in construction. At the beginning they attempted to define this term. Then they sought an answer to the question whether the bridge industry in Poland is innovative or whether it might be innovative at all? And above all, what to do to make it innovative. Participants identified four main categories of innovation: design, technology, processes and materials.

The Com-bridge bridge, which construction in the coming days will come to an end (Grzegorz Krzystański Director of the Department of Infrastructure is the site manager) is an example of the latter category and was very warmly accepted. It is the first Polish road bridge made of FRP composites and its construction was carried out by a consortium led by Mostostal Warszawa. This project is so innovative that the organizers of the conference entirely devoted the second day of the meeting to it. Deliberations on this day were led by Juliusz Żach (Head of Department of Research and Development). In addition to the five papers on the Com-bridge bridge participants were presented composite parts manufactured in Mostostal Warszawa. The details of their construction and production methods discussed Lech Własak and Peter Świeżewski (Lead specialists in Department of Research and Development).

The final point of the meeting was a technical trip to Błażowa. Participants of the conference could have a close look at the Com-bridge bridge. It is worth noting that this is a record-breaking road crossing in terms of span length (among bridges with composite girders connceted to the concrete slab).

Anurag Bansal (Head of Production Department of Research and Development at Acciona Infraestructuras) also gave a special lecture on his experiences in the construction of bridges with FRP composites. He was received with great interest by the audience too.

We are inviting to take a look at the pictures taken by Mr Andrzej Misiakiewicz.