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FRP composite footbridges - achievements of Mostostal Warszawa

27 September 2023

Mostostal Warszawa's solutions have revolutionized the way FRP composite footbridges are built. Learn more about the advantages of the technology developed by our Research and Development Department.

1. efficient installation thanks to prefabrication: thanks to prefabricated elements, installation can be carried out much faster than with traditional construction methods.
2. corrosion resistance: prefabricated footbridges are distinguished by their full resistance to corrosion, which means that they are not damaged by weathering, which contributes to the durability of the structure and ensures low maintenance costs.
3. customization: each footbridge project is treated individually, taking into account the preferences and requirements of the investor. This allows the footbridge to be custimized to the specific environment and the needs of the users.
4. the highest standard of occupational and process safety: the prefabrication technology used improves safety in both the production and installation of footbridges. Work ergonomics are improved and production processes are more efficient.
5. environmental impact reduced to a minimum: prefabricated footbridges can help reduce the burden on the environment by reducing construction time and waste compared to traditional construction methods.


These achievements represent a significant step toward the efficient and sustainable construction of pedestrian and bicycle bridges for the benefit of both users and the environment.