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First boiler column fixed month before schedule

11 January 2016

Despite the New Year period and stout frost the works on the construction of Opole Power Plant proceed at a very good pace. Mostostal Warszawa fixed first column of boiler’s no. 6 supporting structure month before schedule. The assembly of whole structure will last more than two months.

- The column of boiler supporting structure was fixed 4th January 2016 at 20:05 – says Regina Knosala, office manager of Project Construction boiler no. 5 and 6 PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwecjonalna and adds: - The main steel structure will have the dimensions of  29,5 m x 29,5 m and 120 m of height. The total weight of the main steel structure will be 3 600 tonnes.

- The main steel structure consists of 100 elements. Main columns which will be fixed firstly, are one of the heaviest elements – each will weigh approximately 90 tonnes – said Paweł Żbikowski, Director of Project Opole on behalf of Mostostal Warszawa. All elements of main structure are fixed using tower crane, which is located inside the boiler. The crane has 130 m of height and a maximum load capacity of 124 tonnes.

- The next stage after boiler’s steel structure will be assembly of secondary steelwork which will start during assembly of main steel structure. The estimated weight of secondary steelwork is approximately 20 000 tonnes – informs Regina Knosala.

Works on construction of boiler no. 5 and 6 in PGE GiEK Opole Power Plant Division proceed according to the schedule. In all areas project is realized timely. The general level of progress is estimated at about 32%.