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EcoGenerator of good energy

02 February 2016

18 000 cubic meters, that is 45 000 tonnes – this much concrete was poured on the construction site of the EcoGenerator. That equals capacity of 2 000 cement mixers.

Aproximately 2 000 m3 of concrete is left to be poured. The biggest amount of conrete was used for the foundations. Only combustion installation, combustion gas treatment unit, slag processing unit and stabilization of post-process waste and slag storage cover 10 000 m2 of surface and storage area for bales – 2 700 m2. There are also supporting facilities such as slag bunker, garages, compressor room, electrical building, pumping station, fire fighting storage tank, wastewater system station, waste discharge channel).  

The unloading hall and waste bunker are both made of concrete. The bunker is comparable to a great bathtub made of waterlight reinforced concrete. For all the construction works and those related to the use of reinforced concrete, starting from pilling and excavation to the waste bunker construction are responsible three work managers from Mostostal Warszawa:Michał Kosmala, Wojciech Raducha oraz Andrzej Wójcikiewicz. All three unanimously admit that EcoGenerator is the most interesting but also their biggest professional challenge. There were many problems with the bunker. According to the design it should be placed on piles. 264 concrete piles were drived (more precisely poured) but it occurred that soil bearing capacity was only partially load-bearing. This is an effect of unpredictible geological structure of Ostrów Grabowski and very changeable, dynamic hydrogeological conditions. It took several months to solve the problem. Finally, the bunker is based not on the piles, but on the big, 800 square meters and three meters thick concrete slab.     

Waste bunker

Waste bunker is a concrete bathtub where waste will be stored before burning it on the moving grate incinerator. The bunker’s capacity will provide amount of waste which will be enough for a weekly uninterrupted funcionality of the installation, taking into consideration that two lines will be operating 10 Mg/h efficiency each. The depth of the bunker is 8,5 meters below ground level, the width – 15 meters, length – 37 m and height – 35 m. The bottom surface is 555 m2. The overhead crane over the bunker will be based on building’s reinforced concrete structure.