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Activities of Mostostal Warszawa listed in the Report "Responsible business in Poland. Good practices"

18 April 2018

In the Report "Responsible business in Poland. Good practices" six actions of Mostostal Warszawa are listed. The company's projects have been placed in the areas of "labor law practices", "environment", "fair operating practices" as well as "social involvement and development of the local community".

The report lists the projects carried out by Mostostal Warszawa in 2017:

- "MTeam" program (area in the Report: "labor law practices", category: "employee participation"). The goal of the Program is to initiate changes taking place with the participation of employees. The foundations of the Program were discussions about the direction of the company's development. As part of the Program, eight working groups were created, in which over 100 people were involved. From more than 100 ideas submitted - for example: validation of quality, improvement of cooperation standards, construction of partners' networks, process transparency, diversification, employee motivation, strengthening of offer teams, building the company's image - were selected 20 projects best suited to the current business needs of the company;

- BIM - the process of intelligent management of project information (area: "environment", category: "eco-construction"). Thanks to the BIM model, the company is able to test the potential impact on the surrounding environment at the early stages of projects. This early identification of many aspects, as well as their assessment and understanding of how they affect various environmental factors, enable quick and effective mitigation of the negative effects of actions, the use of sustainable solutions and reduction of the entire process costs. In addition, Mostostal is one of the founders of the buildingSMART foundation, whose aim is to develop standards and tools to support the exchange of information in BIM technology;

- Agreement for Safety in Construction (area: "fair operating practices", category: "market education"). Mostostal Warszawa is a founding member of the Agreement for Safety in Construction, whose aim is to eliminate fatal accidents on construction sites. The agreement was established in 2010 and brings together the largest general contractors in Poland: Mostostal Warszawa, Budimex, Erbud, Hochtief Polska, Karmar, Mota-Engil Central Europe, Polimex-Mostostal, PORR, Skanska, Strabag, Unibep, Warbud. One of his initiatives is the Nationwide Week of Safery - in educational events that take place in 358 units and construction sites every year, participates nearly 40 thousand employees;

- "MOST OF ALL Together for the Others" (area: "social involvement and development of the local community", category: "charitable and philanthropic activities"). Mostostal Warszawa employees, who participated in the project, showed their sports passions and took up challenges in three disciplines: walking, running and cycling. The company converted the kilometers traveled by sport activities to Polish Zlotys. Employees have beaten 18,000 km. The company has established cooperation with the Ośrodek Pracy Pozszkolnej No. 3, which runs an educational program for children who have limited access to knowledge. The collected money was allocated for additional classes in the center. Their program included robotics classes and lessons for small chemists. The activity was carried out in partnership with the Small Engineer's Education Development Foundation;

- Volunteer Day (area: "social involvement and development of the local community", category: "education of children and teenagers"). Mostostal Warszawa organized workshops for primary school children. Workshops about ecology were aimed at helping children to understand the four pillars, on which the Sustainable Development Goals are based, and engage them in the protection of the environment through everyday gestures. In the course, the were used original author's materials, quizzes, games and the youngest theme of the fairytale hero. Projects engaged about 800 children;

- R[&]D activities of Mostostal Warszawa conducted in cooperation with scientific units (area: "social involvement and development of the local community", category: "cooperation with universities") Mostostal Warszawa has been conducting scientific and research activity in cooperation with scientific units for 12 years. The Research and Development Department, established by the company, develops and implements innovations that contribute to the development of Polish engineering thought. The confirmation of the effectiveness of these activities is the dissemination of new technological trends.

Report "Responsible business in Poland. Good practices" is the largest Polish review of socially responsible business activities and projects, issued by the Forum of Responsible Business. On nearly 200 pages of the publication, there were descriptions of 1190 good practices. This year's edition of the report is the second in which the UN's Sustainable Development Goals were assigned to companies practices.

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