Acciona Mostostal Warszawa is part of the Acciona Capital Group.

Changes in the shareholding structure of Mostostal Warszawa

06 October 2016

Commentary of the President of Management Board to the transfer of Mostostal Warszawa shares between subsidiaries of Group Acciona.

Today, Acciona SA and its 100% subsidiary Acciona Infraestructuras SA announced that they have made the transfer of Mostostal Warszawa SA shares between each other, causing that now the direct owner of 10.018.733 shares of our company, constituing 50,09% of total number of shares as well as votes on general assembly is Acciona Infraestructuras.

Thus, not only by business line, but also capitally we belong to Infrastructure Division of Acciona Group, which includes construction, industry, water and services.I am convinced that such a change will strengthen the synergy between companies and in the face of planned infrastructure projects in Poland have a positive impact on the contracting ability of our company.


Acciona Infrastructure is at the forefront of R[&]D and figures among the leading construction companies in the world with the most advanced in the performance of their works techniques. The company provides services ranging from design and engineering to implementation and maintenance designs. Further, the company engages in the operation and maintenance of assets in infrastructure, industry, and cities that include airport services, facility services, operation and maintenance of renewable energy, energy efficiency, logistics and transport services, urban and environmental services, social and sanitary services. The company develops and manages social and transport infrastructures in Europe, the United States, and Oceania.

Acciona SA - a major international construction company, has been the strategic partner and main shareholder of Mostostal Warszawa since 1999. Acciona is a Spanish concern with an international range of operations, listed on the Madrid stock exchange and operating in 65 countries on 6 continents: in Europe, North and South America, Asia and in Africa and Australia. The main industry sectors of the Spanish company include: infrastructural construction, residential and industrial development, energy generation using clean technologies, transport and logistics services as well as municipal services. Acciona is in the group of global leaders promoting and implementing the philosophy of harmonious and sustainable development, whose guiding principles include focus on future generations and care for the natural environment. The company is involved in numerous projects related to clean technologies and procurement and the use of energy from renewable sources; it constantly undertakes activities preventing degradation of the natural environment.

Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is one of the largest construction companies in Poland. Having been present on the construction market for more than seven decades, the company has realized projects in all key sectors of the construction market in Poland and Europe. In its actions the Company combines the long tradition of Polish engineering know-how with professional organization and extensive application of cutting edge technologies. Mostostal Warszawa has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange almost since the very beginning of the Polish capital market. The main shareholder of the company is Acciona Infraestructuras. Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is the main shareholder of several companies making up the Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group.

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