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Activities of Mostostal Warszawa in the "Responsible Business in Poland 2018. Good Practices" Report

28 May 2019

The activities undertaken by Mostostal Warszawa have been covered by the largest CSR report in Poland - the "Responsible business in Poland. Good practices" Report. The Report's publisher is the Responsible Business Forum.

Activities of Mostostal Warszawa covered by the Report include:

- "MTeam" project (p. 62, category: "labour law practices"). The goal of the Program is to initiate changes taking associated employee engagement. The basis of the Program were discussions about the company's development direction. As part of the Program, eight work groups were created, in which over 100 people were participated. From more than 100 ideas submitted - for example: quality validation, improvement of cooperation standards, building a partners’ network, transparency processes, diversification, employee motivation, offer teams strengthening, building the company's image - 20 projects best suited to the current business needs of the company were chosen;

- Campaign "Share what you do not use anymore" (p. 72, category: "labour law practices"). The action consisted of collecting by the employees of Mostostal Warszawa no longer needed items and providing them to the Foundation "Bread of Life Community" supervised by sister Małgorzata Chmielewska. Among others things handed over included clothes, household appliances and electronics;

- BIM - the process of intelligent management of project information (p. 104, category: "environment"). BIM allows to test the potential impact on the surrounding environment on the early stages of design. Early identification of aspects, assessment and understanding of the impact on various environmental factors enables Mostostal Warszawa to quickly and effectively mitigate negative effects, and apply sustainable solutions which reduce the costs of the entire process;

- Activities related to with occupational health and safety (p. 124, category: "fair operating practices"). Mostostal Warszawa is an active and founding member of the Association for Safety in Construction association. The association started in 2010 brings together the largest general contractors operating in Poland, and its aim is to eliminate fatal accidents on construction sites. To achieve this goal, members have developed a series of projects introduced system solutions in the field of health and safety at construction sites across the country. One of the initiatives of the Agreement is the National Workplace Safety Week.

- Campaign "Together for Others" (p. 183, category: "social involvement and development of the local community"). As part of the cooperation between Mostostal Warszawa and the Micro Engineer's Education Development Foundation, the instructors organized classes in exact sciences, natural sciences and robotics for the charges of the Out-of-School Work Center No. 3 in Warsaw's Praga district. During the workshop, the children tried their hand as constructors and scientists;

- Ecological education (p. 183, category: "social involvement and development of the local community"). Mostostal Warszawa as part of ecological education Mostostal Warszawa once again organized workshops on sustainable development for primary school children. Eco-friendly classes were designed to help children understand the four pillars on which the Sustainable Development Goals are based, and engage them in protecting the environment through everyday gestures. The campaign has so far covered over 1 thousand. children;

- Research and development activity (pp. 206, category: "social involvement and development of the local community"). Mostostal Warszawa has been conducting research and development activities for several years in cooperation with scientific units. The Research and Development Department appointed by the company develops and implements innovations that contribute to the development of Polish engineering thought. Confirmation of the effectiveness of these activities is the dissemination of new, technological trends, such as the development of technology and the construction of a bridge made of FRP composites. The company also created a team for BIM. BIM engineers are exploring the possibilities of using this technology in construction, among others in terms of security.

The basis of the Report on Responsible Business in Poland issued for 17 years. Good practices "is proposed in the ISO 26000 standard for the division into 7 areas of corporate social responsibility. This review allows you to see trends and changes in CSR over the years. The most popular areas, as in previous editions, include social involvement and development of the local community as well as work practices. It is worth noting, however, that for the first time in the history of the report it was not human rights, and fair operating practices were the least represented area.

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