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Acciona supports environmentally friendly actions of Mostostal Warszawa

07 December 2023

Our partner and major shareholder has provided funding for the construction of a photovoltaic installation at the Equipment and Transport Base in Urzut.

The Equipment and Transport Base is powered by electricity generated in its own 50 kWp photovoltaic installation. Acciona first approved the launch plan for the installation and then partially supported the financing of its construction.

- It's important that we walk hand in hand with our partners in the process of minimizing the impact on the natural environment. We are thinking about the future of us all, which is why we are determined to take steps to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment. Acciona's support in this area is of great importance to us - says Jacek Szymanek, a Member of the Board of Mostostal Warszawa.

The installation in Urzut helps reduce the carbon footprint

Baza Transportowo-Sprzętowa w Urzucie

The European Parliament has adopted climate legislation with the aim of reducing greenhouse gases by at least 55% by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In Poland, the energy mix is one of the most environmentally harmful in the European Union. Nearly half (48%) of the country's energy comes from coal combustion. Generating each kWh of electricity in Poland, as opposed to anywhere in Europe, reduces the carbon footprint.

By building green energy sources, we actively participate in the Polish energy transformation process and move closer to the goal set by the European Union authorities.

Renewable energy sources are profitable

Poland is grappling with an energy crisis, which is, in part, a result of the war in Ukraine. The onset of the war reduced the availability of coal, which Poland sourced from the East. This led to a significant increase in electricity prices. Photovoltaic energy means greater independence from rising energy prices and greater independence in obtaining electrical energy.

Further steps

Instalacja fotowoltaiczna w Urzucie

Currently, work is underway to increase the power of the photovoltaic installation in Urzut from 50 to 150 kWp. Expanding the photovoltaic installation will reduce CO2 emissions by 109 tons per year. In addition, the investment will generate savings on the purchase of electricity exceeding 200,000 PLN annually.

Green energy appears throughout the Mostostal Warszawa Capital Group. A photovoltaic installation with a power exceeding 360 kWp has been installed on the roof of the workshop halls at Mostostal Płock. The installation consists of 789 photovoltaic panels, each with a power of 460 Wp. The total power of the installation is 362.94 kWp. According to estimates, the operation of the installation will avoid the emission of over 245 tons of CO2 annually and save about 30% of the expenses for electricity used by the Company's infrastructure. The installation was completed in August 2023.

As Mostostal Warszawa, we are proud that:

  • all vehicles and machinery we use comply with strict emission standards,
  • we are replacing combustion vehicles with electric ones,
  • we have minimized the use of courier companies to reduce duplicated traffic and carbon dioxide emissions into the natural environment,
  • we sort waste and use returnable bottles,
  • we reduce the consumption of energy, water, and paper,
  • digitalization accompanying us enables sustainable development.

We are delighted that Acciona is helping us in this ecological evolution.

Thank you!