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A excerpt of a medieval wall has been discovered at the Pomeranian Duke's Castle

02 March 2023

During demolition work on the southern terrace of the Pomeranian Duke's Castle  in Szczecin, a fragment of a wall from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries was discovered.

The wall is about 3 meters high and about 160 cm deep. It was built in a layered system of field stones and bricks. During restoration, damaged sections will be strengthened and the mortar connecting the various elements will be replenished. According to archaeologists, it may be a fragment of a medieval building, on which the southern wing was already built later, during the Renaissance.

The goal of the work currently underway at the castle is not only to improve the technical and usable condition of the monument. A significant element of the investment is the accompanying research process, which includes archaeological and architectural research and the requirement to adapt the new elements to the historic building in a harmonious manner.


The Pomeranian Duke's Castle, known in its present form to residents and tourists, is the result of post-war reconstruction, which was preceded by detailed analysis, research and discussions as to the final shape of the building. During many years of archaeological and architectural research and archive searches, it was possible to preserve and recreate the body of the castle from the time of its greatest glory, that is, the Renaissance reconstruction with the preserved Gothic south wing. Despite that reconstruction of the castle, we also find in the basement of the building still unknown earlier relics, documenting its architectural history.

Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is carrying out a task to modernize all castle terraces (southern, eastern and northern) and the northern escarpment, as well as the tunnels located underneath. The task also involves the reconstruction of the north wing, which suffered a construction disaster and has not been in use since 2017. The value of the contract is PLN 84.99 million gross. More information on the ongoing contact can be found here.

The discovery of the relics does not affect the timing of the project.

Fot. Pomeranian Duke's Castle