Construction of waste neutralization plant in Promnik at midpoint

Zieloni RP Association has taken the honorary patronage over the Waste Neutralization Plant in Promnik near Kielce, which is being built by the Consortium made up of Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona Infrastruktura. By doing so, this oldest and largest Polish ecological organization decided, for the first time, to support a waste management project.

As organization representatives have reported, taking patronage over a most modern European Waste Neutralization Plant in Promnik is attributable to exceptional care for the environment provided while designing and building the plant. In addition to alternative fuel and electrical energy production, the following innovative solutions will be introduced in Promnik: full air-tight sealing of waste management processes, hybrid air and waste purification (the air evacuated from technological halls will be cleaner than the air within the plant's area), maximization of energy and water recycling and recovery processes (with the help of a closed process-water flow system and rainwater usage system that will satisfy the plant's 90% water demand).  

A model project
The Waste Neutralization Plant is being erected by Mostostal Warszawa and Acciona Infrastruktura in direct vicinity of the landfill. The estimated area of the project amounts to over 4,5 ha and the approximate cubic capacity of the facilities located within the area is 319 000 m³. 75% of the waste will not be delivered to the landfill, but it will be converted into recyclable materials and reused as fuel or compost. The electric and heat energy generated from methane fermentation of organic waste will be used at the plant and the surplus will be sold. Electrical power production is estimated at 8 GWh/year which corresponds with annual electrical power demand of a mid-sized commune. These economical solutions will make the modern technologies applied in Promnik profitable and will provide numerous environmental benefits to the local community.

Technology of the future
Technological solutions applied at ZUO Promnik and the generated results outgrow to a large extent the currently applicable environmental standards and meet already the European standards and parameters referred to in the European Council's drafts as perspective objectives for the year 2027. Not only does this project apply the most modern technologies within the "waste management" sector, but it also combines them with the world's cutting edge techniques available across other industry sectors. In addition, full SCADA-integrated automation of the plant reduces manual waste sorting processes down to the absolute minimum.

Ecological education
The Waste Neutralization Plant will also provide ecological education through a special encapsulated Communication and Education Gallery allowing the plant's technological facilities to be viewed. A fully glazed tunnel will allow employees and visitors to relocate throughout the entire facility and view specific stages of the entire process completed at the plant without getting in contact with the processed waste.

Construction at midpoint
The construction works in Promnik began in April 2014. Since then, full-speed construction has been launched. The ground has been leveled and the works associated with ground heat exchangers (taking up the largest area in Poland) have came to an end.

"Nearly 90% of the 34 planned facilities are in raw state. The Segregation Hall of the approximate area of 60 000 m³ will form the heart of the plant – recently, we also finished assembling the structure of the Hall and began to complete its flooring where sorting machines connected by conveyors of total length of 2,5 km will be installed," says Robert Kowalski, Environmental Protection Manager at Mostostal Warszawa.    

Financing and completing the project

Construction of the Waste Neutralization Plant is co-financed from the EU's Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment. Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Odpadami Spółka z o.o. in Kielce is the beneficiary of the program and the Mostostal Warszawa SA and Acciona Infrastruktura Consortium is the project contractor. Total cost of the project is PLN 230 M. Environmental Protection Department Mostostal Warszawa SA is in charge of the project. Let us remind that Mostostal Warszawa is currently also in the process of building one of Poland's largest waste neutralization facilities in Szczecin.

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