Pupils of technical secondary school on construction site of Mostostal Warszawa

Mostostal Warszawa is once again enjoying its role as an educator. In October the construction site of the Espresso Estate situated in the Wola Distract of Warsaw was visited by pupils of the technical construction secondary school from the Vocational Schools Complex No. 2 in Ostrołęka, who visit construction sites of Mostostal every year. The young people could have a close look at particular elements of the project and acquire know-how from an expert team.

A visit on the construction site provides a unique occasion to find out more about implementation of particular stages of building construction in practical terms. The pupils could enjoy confronting the theoretical knowledge being gained by them every day with actual solutions applied during construction works of the estate. Contacts with qualified staff, advice and presentation of diverse aspects of work on the construction site is an experience that will certainly be remembered by the pupils much longer than normal classes.

The youth visits construction sites of Mostostal Warszawa a few times a year during their education. In October a group of pupils from the technical secondary school visited the Central Division Team on the construction site of an estate in the Wola district of Warsaw. A class specialised in civil construction from the Vocational Schools Complex No. 2 in Ostrołęka found out everything about how Espresso is made. Each year Mostostal Warszawa takes care of pupils from that school on its diverse construction sites. A group of twenty pupils was  introduced to the Espresso site by Agata Chorzempa, the site manager, who spoke to the pupils about works organisation and applied technologies. During their trip along engineering routes pupils from the first class became acquainted with the most interesting works on the estate construction site. Thanks to the trip they were able to experience real aspects of the construction world and not only gave them the opportunity of talking to construction professionals, but also have a practical look at work in this sector.

“Each construction site resembles is a living organism. During those visits, we do our best to show the young people things that are new to them. We have them wear protective helmets and vests. The pupils participate in an outdoor lecture and we try to show them the specific nature of work in a profession they would be working in the future. I think that it provides valuable experience and helps many young people become hooked on construction industry already at the very beginning of the education process. Later on, education becomes an increasing pleasure” - says Grzegorz Szymborski, contract site manager of the Espresso estate in Warsaw.

For Mostostal Warszawa investing in the potential of young people is one of the strategic priorities. Construction sites of Mostostal Warszawa are frequently visited by students of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences or the University of Science and Technology AGH in Kraków. The company never stops supporting the advancement of young engineers, sharing the experience of highly qualified staff. Each year construction sites of Mostostal Warszawa are being visited by a few hundred young persons. What is more, the company is becoming involved in initiatives addressed at young engineers who wish to associate their professional career with the construction industry. Mostostal Warszawa is participating in a programme under which workshop meetings are being organised with students – Young Engineer’s Day.

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