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Construction Manager
Agata Chorzempa  /  Construction Manager

During the last year of my studies at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Białystok, I applied for the position of documentation specialist at the Brama Mazur shopping centre construction site in Ełk. I sent my CV and during the recruitment process I had a chance to meet the contract managers. I got the job at Mostostal owing to my commitment and willingness to take action.


During the performance of the contract in Ełk, owing to the support and help of my more experienced colleagues, I gained a lot of valuable experience and after only a few months I was promoted to the position of construction engineer. In March 2015, I began working on the building of the Espresso residential project in Warsaw. I have ambitious plans and I want to pursue them at Mostostal.

Contract Manager
Karol Krzciuk  /  Contract Manager

During my 12-years of work at Mostostal, I have worked on many interesting projects, many of them at places that are of key importance to Warsaw, e.g. the reconstruction of Plac Grzybowski, the development of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at Warsaw University of Technology, and construction of a building for the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in Warsaw. Currently, I am working on the construction of the apartment building Mennica Residence II in Warsaw.

In 2017 I got promoted to the contract manager. I was a senior production planning specialist before. My work really translates into the success of others. It is a great responsibility but also brings great satisfaction. In total, I have worked on about 10 projects, which makes me very proud. An additional advantage is the fact that I have participated in projects that have changed the landscape of Warsaw, which gives me great satisfaction and energy for further action and development. 

Administration Affairs Specialist
Katarzyna Deja  /  Administration Affairs Specialist

I remember when my colleague told me that a new department was going to be created at Mostostal Warszawa. I thought this was the perfect job for me, and soon after, I was employed at the company. 

I know that Mostostal values my commitment and provides me with many opportunities for personal and professional development. Construction sites are scattered around the entire country, which allows me to get to get to know many regions of Poland and their inhabitants, traditions, a frame of mind and business conditions – it is a huge advantage and a great motivating force.

I am proud of my company’s achievements. When Mostostal won the tender for the construction of the Arena Hall in Kraków, I was happy to be part of that success. Despite being a large company, Mostostal does not forget about charity – for many years now, we have been involved in The Noble Box Project which I have a pleasure to coordinate in the South Branch as well as educational workshops for children during Wolontariat Day.

Construction Manager
Jacek Wojtyła  /  Construction Manager

I began my career at Mostostal Warszawa S.A. as an apprentice. Today, I am a construction manager. What turns me on in my job is active participation in large projects. One of them, the AGH IT Centre in Krakow, received an award in the Construction of the Year 2011 competition, in the Buildings for Science and Culture category.

Working at the company gives me great satisfaction and provides me with opportunities for continuous development. The commitment of the entire team to achieving a common goal motivates us to take action and guarantees success. We are proud of each project that we complete.

Ambitious tasks, valuable people and a pleasant atmosphere at work is what I value most in Mostostal.

Director of the Department of Operational Risk and Special Projects.
Marcin Kondraszuk  /  Director of the Department of Operational Risk and Special Projects.

I feel strongly associated with Mostostal Warszawa - I spent most of my professional life in the company. I started working here in 1998. For over two decades, I have been observing dozens or hundreds of successful investments. At each of them my attention was drawn to thing that is characteristic for Mostostal - we engage the best engineers, managers and specialists.

Currently, I am the Director of the Department of Operational Risk and Special Projects.

Director of Energy and Industry Construction Division
Paweł Żbikowski  /  Director of Energy and Industry Construction Division

For over 18 I've been involved in the energy construction. I started working at Mostostal Warszawa in 2011. My beginnings in the company are connected to the greatest contracts in the history of Polish energy system: construction of new power units in Opole and Jaworzno. I knew from the start that there were ambitious challenges ahead of me. And I was not mistaken. I’m facing demanding tasks day-to-day as the President of Mostostal Power Development, a special purpose vehicle founded for the execution of Project Opole and whilst managing Energy Construction Division of Mostostal Warszawa. I hold in high regard whole team that I have a pleasure to work with as well as the diversity of my responsibilities. I can fulfil my different professional aspirations. At the same time I’m privileged to gain a unique knowledge and to be involved in relevant events concerning development of the company and energy industry in Poland.  

Head of the Legal Department
Sylwia Zielezińska  /  Head of the Legal Department

 I have been working for Mostostal for 11 years now. I started with contract work, and now I manage the legal staff and supervise external law firms that provide comprehensive legal services. Working here gives me an opportunity to develop, and this is my goal in life. Energy and creativity motivates me to exceed my own boundaries and focus on solutions, not on problems. In this company I have space to express myself and create, and this triggers new energy levels! This is a great working environment for a lawyer – the variety of subjects I have to deal with provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge. I can develop here, and test my abilities. I pay this back with a strong commitment to everything I do, and first and foremost, I firmly believe in the success of the company. The best moments of my work have been provided by the awareness of delivering each of the sites we have built, which we then pass everyday – I am proud of this.  

Head of the Research and Development Department
Juliusz Żach  /  Head of the Research and Development Department

When back in 2006 I started to work in the newly created research and development department of Mostostal it consisted of 3 people, one of whom was me.  As the time passed and I gained more experience, I took up the position of the chief research and development specialist. Today, as the head of the research and development department I am responsible for the work of the several members multidisciplinary team. This requires constant broadening of technical knowledge covering all areas of construction and also involves meeting a lot of interesting people in the scientific world and innovators of companies from other EU countries.

In my work, I like the variety and uniqueness of research projects that I deal with the most – despite working for a long time I still see the opportunities for further development. Mostostal also means a positive working atmosphere in which you can count on the support of your colleagues, and this is very rare in big companies. 


We are a construction company with 75 years of experience in the Polish market. Our history goes back to 1945 and starts with reconstruction of the Poniatowski Bridge in Warsaw. Nowadays, we implement various projects in the area of general construction, industrial, environmental, road and infrastructural construction. We perform large and prestigious construction projects, acting as the general contractor and servicing domestic and foreign partners. We also have strong support from our foreign shareholder. Since 1999, our strategic partner has been Acciona – an international Spanish construction company employing over 39,000 people in more than 40 countries around the world. 


Administration Department Manager
Aleksandra Król  /  Administration Department Manager

I remember when 13 years ago I came to work at Mostostal beginning my professional adventure with the company as a senior inspector and translator. I was working in the management board office as a translator and assistant. To make the most of my education, I completed a public relations postgraduate and I transferred to the public relations department. These were years of very interesting work!

In 2011, the management board asked me to become head of the administration department. The company focuses on internal recruitment and I was considered to be qualified for the position. That was a hit for me! I inherited a wonderful close-knit team of employees. The opportunity to interact with people, a huge range of topics and a daily dose of problems to solve – that is what I like the most.

In my job I get to look at all the amazing things that arise through the work of my fellow engineers, who change our reality, and I am very proud to be working in such a great company.

It has been so many years now and I am still deeply connected with Mostostal.