Employees of Mostostal Warszawa building a better future for children

Sports Team of Mostostal Warszawa, bringing together 70 employees, covered a distance of 18 000 km to get funds for children who find themselves in difficult personal or financial situation. Between July and September participants guided by the sports spirit were challenged many times. Each kilometre they travelled became one zloty. The raised funds have been allocated for educational workshops organized by Foundation for Development of the Education of Small Engineer.

Heart for sports and helping

The raised money will allow organizing 120 hours of fantastic workshops for 40 children under the care of Afterschool Activity Center no. 3 in Warsaw's Praga district and to sponsor extra teaching materials. Robotics classes, interactive games with Lego Mindstorms and original classes for young chemists will be held four times a month since the end of November 2017 until the end of May 2018. Children will be able to develop different skills simultaneously, including manual skills and creative thinking. On November 27, 2017, took place the first workshops during which small engineers built a sumo robot, got to know what magic slime is and watched a show with dry ice.

Education, a key to the better future

For many years now Mostostal Warszawa has been developing CSR strategy involving various kind of educational projects. Teaching and gaining experience through practice in the field is what constitutes foundations of the company’s activities that cover several levels. These actions include research and development projects realized by Department of Research and Development as well as cooperation with universities, ecological education of schoolchildren as a part of Wolontariat Day (together with Acciona, the main shareholder of the company) and recently support for local communities within cooperation with Foundation for Development of Education of the Small Engineer.

Together for the Others

The newest educational project was born from another initiative which had been focused on encouraging healthy and active lifestyle among employees of Mostostal Warszawa - project MOST OF ALL. It was realised according to the principles of work-life balance. The participants passionate about sports could compete in three different categories: walking, running and cycling. Due to the project drawing a huge interest, Mostostal Warszawa decided to give employees another purpose in the second edition and to count each kilometre as one zloty. It is how MOST OF ALL TOGETHER FOR THE OTHERS was created (it lasted from July to September 2017). It was decided to fund educational classes for children experiencing life or financial difficulties.

Foundation for Education of the Small Engineer

Foundation for Development of Education of the Small Engineer which has become a partner of this action. Its statutory aim is to enhance the level of education among children and youth regardless their status, their income and where they live. The employees of Mostostal Warszawa walked, ran and cycled 18 000 km in total. Each kilometre equalled PLN 1 and that means they gathered PLN 18 000 together. This money will allow organizing 120 hours of creative workshops for children attending Afterschool Activity Center no. 3 in Warsaw's Praga district and to fund extra teaching materials. In addition, employees of Mostostal Warszawa will be joining several classes to tell the youngest how to care about the natural environment every day in order to shape their eco-awareness. 

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