Children’s Day – volunteers of Mostostal Warszawa assisting „Reading Targówek” project

Over half thousand children took part in the Community Children’s Day in the Targówek district (Warsaw). The celebration is aimed at promoting reading books among the youngest. It was organised on the occasion of the Children’s Day as a part of the project “Reading Targówek”. Social goal of the event is compliant with the educational activities of Mostostal Warszawa realised for the benefit of the young generation.  

We have been always supporting dissemination of science and education among children! For many years, Mostostal Warszawa has been favouring technical universities in order to support academic youths that bind their future with the construction industry. In addition, the company is effectively developing research and scientific activities, innovative projects in the cooperation with didactic and scientific organisations in the country and abroad. Company’s presence is gaining more and more recognition. The second year in a row Mostostal Warszawa will be attending schools, organising ecological workshops for children within the action titled Volunteer Day. This is one of the examples how the company responds to the challenges of the sustainable development that every industrial and construction enterprise have to face nowadays.

Social commitment of the company can be also seen during initiatives similar to the celebrations Fairy Tale’s Day which was held on May, 30 in Targówek district. This special event is concluding this year’ edition of the project “Reading Targówek” which is aimed at inspiring the youngest generation to read and to be passionate about literature. During celebrations, kindergarten groups had a chance to participate in fairy tale reading. The conceivers also planned a cheerful parade in the Bródnowski Park for this day. 

Children walking in the parade were wearing costumes of fairytale characters. Each pre-school group had a task to present its own interpretation of one of the fairytales and prepare a fabulous stand with lots of games and activities. The attractive program put preschoolers into action. There were series of games, competitions and surprises waiting for them. The awards won groups which, e.g. organised the most enchanting fabulous stand. The event hosted Katarzyna Patrzyczna, coordinator of the project Reading Targówek and director of the VIII Ogród Jordanowski School in Warsaw.

Joining the initiative, Mostostal Warszawa became a sponsor of the Reading Children’s Day and provided e.g. healthy snacks for young participants. On this day, volunteers of the company supported organisers in childcare. In addition, a special highlight of the event was the common planting of Fabulous Tree under the auspices of Mostostal Warszawa and Cemex Polska. Artur Soczewica, Director of Central Division Mostostal Warszawa together with Paweł Michalec, Deputy Mayor of Targówek District in Warsaw dug a hole for the seedling tree to set an example and show children that it’s important to care for our planet.

Our volunteers encourage to read together with children. 

We invite you to take a look at photos taken during Fairytale Children’s Day!

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